Mary’s group hangs again on the courtyard pharmacy

mary's group hangs again on the courtyard pharmacy

The trinity group is again hung on the corner of the courtyard pharmacy. It was missing for about two years, because after a stucco had fallen down, it had to be renovated.

Now the house figure group that most dominates the cityscape of bamberger shines again in its old glory, in its old place in karolinenstrabe, at the stairway to the imperial cathedral. The hof-apotheke is one of the oldest pharmacies in germany, documented in 1437.

In the middle of the 18. The rococo sculpture attributed to georg reub was installed at the end of the nineteenth century. Above are three older coats of arms from the late 16. Century. The interior of the building still has the ornamental stucco of a material chamber from 1772 in rococo style. All this can be read in the publication "580 years of the hof pharmacy in bamberg. A small chronicle", which is available in the pharmacy for a nominal fee of three euro; furthermore in "the art monuments of bavaria, city of bamberg, burgherliche bergstadt" (in german), by tilmann breuer and reinhard gutbier, published 1997.

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