Mayoral election: abtswind’s jurgen schulz has his sights set on a second term in office

mayoral election: abtswind's jurgen schulz has his sights set on a second term in office

Jurgen schulz has almost completed his first term as mayor of abtswind. Many things were and are new to him, many things required an adjustment for the 52-year-old, who had previously been a member of the city council for a period of time. The trained installer has recognized that the time required for the "part-time job" is too short burgermeister is not without: "that i underestimated. I thought I could work more in my actual profession. But you can't do that, because you do have a lot of fixed appointments that are tagsuber", says the 52-year-old. One or two days a week, schulz still works as an installer, otherwise he is at the service of the community.

That is also after closing time and on weekends the case, just there burgers always spoke to any topics and problems in the place. When another truck got stuck at the gate to the entrance to the village of abtswind in the evening, the cell phone rang and the mayor was called in. That is just part of it, according to schulz.

Cell phone is also off

In order to have space and peace, you have to switch off your cell phone. I also do that when I'm working in my real job. Otherwise you get nowhere."

For jurgen schulz, the vineyard is a balance to everyday life. He himself cultivates an area of 0.6 hectares on the altenberg, which he has converted to organic viticulture. He also often looks after the community's vineyard, which he first replanted together with burgers. "I have the best ideas in the vineyard, where I can think, he appreciates the nature and the peace there. The motorcycle that schulz has in the garage, on the other hand, is rarely used. He simply doesn't have the time, especially since the mayor sometimes takes over lifeguard duties at the swimming pool on weekends in the summer, as he did before he took office.

He doesn't want to be treated any differently than before. "Some fellow citizens naturally address you differently, but it's more like 'hello jurgen' than 'grub gott, herr burgermeister'." What pleases the mayor: "you can make a difference in this office. You have to talk to the people, take them with you. It's very important that you stay at eye level with them, that you listen to their concerns", so his maxim.

Looking back on his first years in office, jurgen schulz lists a number of things that have been tackled. A lot of work was also necessary because some things had been left undone before. So he finished the started renovation of the market place. It was necessary to plan and build the relief road in the direction of the B 286 and wiesentheid, the town hall was almost completely renovated. The sports club built an artificial turf field, which the community also supported financially after a citizen survey. For the past three years, he has been rehabilitating his own drinking water supply.

New projects

In addition, a new building area has been developed and a new kindergarten is currently being built. He benefits from the fact that the community is in a good financial position, the climate is good and constructive, which is also due to the fact that there are no parties in abtswind. Schulz had to learn that some things take a lot longer and require patience: "you can't break anything over the knee, you have to let things mature."

He has also experienced the other side of the job. "Of course there are also headwinds. I was once banned from someone's house when negotiating real estate." For some things you just have to wait and see, which, according to schulz, is where his rather calm and level-headed manner comes in handy.

"You can't break anything over the knee." Jurgen schulz had to learn to be patient

Jurgen schulz would also like to stay in office to continue what he has started. The work on the waterworks is about to be completed, the new kindergarten will soon be ready for occupancy, the designation of the commercial areas. Jurgen schulz has a number of ideas and projects, and he firmly believes in a second term in office: "i expect to be mayor again!"

Jurgen schulz age: 52, born in gerolzhofen. Party: none. Place of residence: abtswind. Occupation: installer. Volunteer: on the board of the IAS (abtswinder swimming pool initiative). Family: married, two children. Hobbies: farming and vineyards, swimming, motorcycling, traveling and hiking.

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