Meadow or not, new building area for wildenheid here

Meadow or not, new building area for wildenheid here

The city wants to build a new water treatment plant on the outskirts of wildenheid, on the so-called "kemmater meadow create the opportunity to build 18 new single-family homes. Wildenheider citizens founded an initiative, which wants to prevent that. In a letter to the editor, the latter questions what information the city administration passed on when it invited burger to an informational event. The building authority now objects to this in a statement, which in turn disputes the argumentation of the citizens.

City planning officer richard peschel recalls that the kemmater meadow has been shown as a residential area in the land use plan since 2003. "Many families, mainly from neustadt, wanted to build a family house in their hometown. The existing building sites have already been reserved several times in advance. In order to meet this need, the city of neustadt is currently conducting a qualified procedure for the development plan for kemmater wiese in the wildenheid district", explains peschel. The public must be involved. An information event would not have been necessary for this. It was an additional offer of the city, as peschel emphasizes. Citizens could ask that the administration had tried to be "objective and comprehensive" to respond.

In response to the reader's letter, peschel clarifies that the distance between the construction area and an oak tree listed as a natural monument is not 40 meters, as claimed, but more than 50 meters. It was not necessary to drain the area in order to build there, nor would the groundwater level be lowered. Even though wildenheid is largely located in a "water-sensitive area", it is not a natural monument if construction is permitted there.

The new buildings were given their own connection to a new sewer system for drainage, peschel says of the fear that the sewer system of the existing development could be overloaded. In neustadt, every homeowner must protect himself against backwater from the canal.

Easements obsolete

Peschel does not deny that the city has attempted to delete pipeline rights in the area in the land register, which the land registry office has rejected. However, according to peschel, this does not mean that the easement is obsolete. It is only noted that the implementation of a judicial clarification is not waived."

The meadow is sometimes certainly wet, but not a wet meadow in the sense of the nature conservation act. It has no significance as a breeding area and at best serves as a feeding ground for rare bird species. The lower nature conservation authority classifies the flat area as a "fresh to moist economic meadow" a.

When the burgerinitiative emphasizes the importance of the land for the farmer who is dependent on the fodder harvested there, richard peschel says: "the farmer in question has already been sold a piece of urban land as a substitute. However, he did not mention this (at the info event, which took place on red.) not mentioned."


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