Million-euro renovation of dormitz church begins

Million-euro renovation of dormitz church begins

In the next few days, the renovation of the dormitz parish church "zu unserer lieben frau" will begin begin. Extensive work is required on the steeple, roof and stucco ceiling. According to the commissioned architects, total costs of 1.400.000 euros to be expected.

In november 2017, a two-square-meter piece of the baroque stucco ceiling had fallen to the floor. After a temporary closure of the church, at least the service could be celebrated in the church again after the installation of a safety net.

In the following period, the building authority of the archdiocese of bamberg ordered a static examination of the ceiling, the nave and the tower. It became apparent that, in addition to the roofing of both parts of the building (the tower and the longhouse), the beam construction also needed some repair and numerous damaged areas at the beam heads had to be replaced.

Diocese bears 65 percent

According to the church administration in dormitz, the archdiocese of bamberg will bear the bulk of the costs (65 percent). The dormitz church foundation's own contribution is ten percent, i.E. 140 percent.000 euros. State institutions and foundations are expected to take over the remaining 25 percent. The assumption of costs by the archdiocese of bamberg and the upper franconia foundation (131.500 euro) ) have already been pledged.

Securing the roof

To secure the roof, the tower and the historically valuable and listed stucco ceiling with its diverse church painting motifs, an expert opinion was prepared by restorer peter turek. Around 40 percent of the stucco ceiling has been loosened and must be consolidated again using a special procedure. Therefore, the church will have to be closed again, probably for at least the entire year 2020. "We will then celebrate most services in the parish hall", some also in other churches in the pastoral area, especially in kleinsendelbach," said church administrator nikolaus demharter."

The renovation of the church will begin in mid-february with the protection of the artwork. After that, a scaffold will first be erected on the inside to support the church roof, followed a little later by the eaves scaffold. Renovation work begins on the roof. The renovation of the stucco ceiling will not begin until the roof beams are firmly back in place and the entire weight of the roof is bearing down on the ceiling.

The church foundation is extremely burdened by its own share of the costs. That is why the donation initiative "under one roof" was founded brought to life. Various events are offered in which visitors have the opportunity to make donations for the renovation of the church. It is a varied program consisting of lectures, an author reading, concerts and other events.

"All this will entail multiple restrictions", states church administrator demharter "but i am sure that together we will master the challenges. Finally we can look forward to a magnificent reopening."

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