Minigolf makes maximum fun

Miniature golf is a popular and entertaining pastime for young and old alike, which is at the same time entertaining, but also has a certain competitive character. So it’s no wonder that 13 young people came to the mini-golf taster course at the lichtenfels course in the old coburger strabe as part of the summer vacation program organized by the district’s municipal youth work department.

The ball lands in the bush

Divided into two groups, the students first learned the basics of the game from the group leaders, and then got started with enthusiasm. Since some of the young people were still inexperienced, the ball was often hit over, the small colorful ball was not hit correctly or the game device even landed in a bush, so that the whole group had to go in search of the ball. Soon, most of them were doing quite well, after all, no master has ever fallen from the sky. Applause erupted when leon sommer from doringstadt drove the ball into the small hole on lane 13 with a single stroke.
You could tell he already had a little practice. "I have already played several times in burgkunstadt and here on this course, because I enjoy playing minigolf", emphasized the 14-year-old student of the meranier high school, whose favorite sport is soccer, after all, he chases the round leather in the C-youth of TSV staffelstein.
The same feat was also achieved by jannik reitwiebner, who mastered hole 18 in one stroke and also achieved good results in other respects, although he had only played minigolf once before. Nine-year-old mistelfelder is also quite active in other areas. "I play basketball with the youth team of TSV staffelstein and am a member of the children’s fire department mistelfeld", he explained.

Two girls at the start

Considering the fact that eleven-year-old arthur from ebensfeld was playing miniature golf for the first time, the budding high school student did very well and achieved remarkable results on most of the holes. Only two girls were among the 13 participants. Eight-year-old katharina weis from serkendorf, who only recently had the pleasure of learning the secrets of chess at an introductory course with her sister, wanted to get to know the game of miniature golf this time, as did ten-year-old lena schutz from lichtenfels.

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