Motion of the csu of bad kissing: the fees hours?

Can the city offer its citizens and businesses support in the corona crisis?? Representatives of the CSU city council caucus say yes and submitted a motion to the city council, for example, to defer city fees for garbage and wastewater in certain cases until the end of the year without interest to mayor kay blankenburg. CSU faction spokesman steffen hortler believes it is important to set an example, he says in an interview with this editorial team.

Because in his professional capacity as head of the heiligenhof training center, he knows exactly what is at stake for low-income earners and small and medium-sized businesses. "A woman who works for us in the kitchen might get 1200 euros net. In the event of short-time work, she will be left with 60 percent of this income. She has to make a living with it", hortler reckons. It is not possible to do it for a long time. But even small businesses, restaurants and accommodation providers now had considerable difficulties in creating liquidity – despite immediate state aid. That’s why the city has to consider whether it can contribute something, says hortler.

Financially, the city can shoulder this interest waiver, continues hortler. Because in the budgets of the past years, there has always been some financial leeway "money that we had available and then couldn’t spend until the end of the respective year". With this money they can now support burgers and small businesses.

The motion by CSU city council members gudrun heil-franke, karin renner, thomas leiner, wolfgang lutz and steffen hortler also deals with the electricity, gas and water charges of the municipal utility company. The city’s wholly owned subsidiary was able to match the interest-free deferral of these fees, they say. Of course, this has to be examined beforehand, says hortler, but he believes that a push from the city council will lend weight to the idea.

Although private individuals as well as companies are now financially sidelined by the crisis, hortler considers the measures initiated by politicians to fight the pandemic to be the right ones. "We just have to get through the coming weeks and months, and all the institutions should stick together." After all, the government’s emergency aid gives many of them a small financial cushion to bridge the gap.

The heiligenhof education center was initially dropped from the rescue package, says foundation director hortler, admitting that this gave him a major headache. In the meantime, his employees are also on short-time work.

The main season at the heiligenhof runs from march to july, and the hotel is normally 100 percent booked up at this time. "But now everything is canceled until july", says the head of the educational center. "This means that a good million euros in revenue will simply be lost."

For this reason, hortler has recently sent out an appeal to his guests to perhaps donate a small sum. "I was overwhelmed by the response, there were several clubs and groups, each of which transferred small sums. "Our guests are very understanding." Fortunately, bookings for autumn and october have not yet been canceled.

But now there is also some light in the tunnel for institutions like heiligenhof. Hortler, together with the bavarian youth hostel association, the bavarian youth ring, the christian association of young people (YMCA) and the association of bavarian school hostels, has recently launched an initiative with bavarian politicians. The common concern was discussed in the bavarian state parliament, says hortler, and he is pleased that it was approved on 7 july. April there was a cabinet decision on this in munich. "We as the stiftung heiligenhof, together with the other charitable associations, are now falling under the rescue umbrella."Isolde krapf

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