Motives after forchheim pub brawl unclear

Someone wants to have a nightcap in a pub in forchheim and witnesses a 27-year-old man arguing with his girlfriend. She would like to go home, he would like to stay. The dispute escalates, and then the man goes for his 24-year-old girlfriend's throat. The man who witnessed this wants to help the woman. But he may have misjudged the situation somewhat.

That is why the trial before the district court in forchheim had to be interrupted. On 2. July continues at 1 p.M., then with additional witnesses.

Broken nasal bone
First the man had put the rough 27-year-old in a headlock and then hit him with his fist. The 27-year-old suffered a bruised rib and fractured his nasal bone.

With how many blows the 25-year-old has maltreated his two-year-old opponent, is still completely open at this point. This question is now to be answered by two more witnesses. The 25-year-old is accused of the first offence. However, he does not consider himself to be a hit man, but a rescuer of a physically endangered woman.
Also accused is his 26-year-old buddy, who is also alleged to have thrown punches at the 27-year-old. "I just wanted to help the girl, the younger defended himself in court. Even as an uninvolved party, he had not wanted to simply watch the girl being choked by her boyfriend.

But what made district court judge silke schneider doubt the man's supposedly noble motives was the fact that the 25-year-old had often been involved in incidents of this kind before. The 24-year-old girlfriend was able to shed some light on the matter.

But she was apparently more anxious not to put too much strain on her 27-year-old boyfriend. She was not beaten. Her friend had only held her. "But he has already become a bit rough", cleared them in. After the quarrel, however, they had immediately made up again.

Doubts about the credibility
The two defenders had serious doubts about the credibility of the witness after these statements.
In her testimony, the 24-year-old had several times made the host of the beer pub in question and his waiters apologetically into the game. She had a lively conversation with both of them and therefore probably did not notice the decisive events of the brawl.

Against this background, the two defenders demanded that the host and the waiters be summoned to appear before the court as witnesses. The two hope that this will shed more light on this still rather blurred case.

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