Near kauerndorf there is a resting place for restless souls

near kauerndorf there is a resting place for restless souls

With our discovery tours, we want to make BR readers want to see the places described for themselves. A nice walk on the footpath and cycle path leads us today to the exit of kauerndorf in the direction of untersteinach. Here is a very old stone cross. It stands between the federal road 289 and the railroad line kulmbach-untersteinach.

Moved during track construction

Before the construction of the railroad in 1848 it was placed a little bit further down in the country, but because of the construction of the track it was moved a little bit upwards. The cross is 100 centimeters high, 70 wide and 30 thick. The vertical beam under the crossbeam is 30 centimeters thick and widens to 70 centimeters.

Stone crosses were set in stone by the 13. Until the 16. Century roughly after a murder or a homicide established. They served as suhnemale to the salvation of the murdered. In them the germanic legal view lives on that for the defense of the blood revenge a homicide can be expiated by payment of the so-called wehr- or man money to the survivors.

In a report of hans bauriegel the suhne cross is brought with a court file from the year 1441 in connection: "the brothers albrecht, nickel and another hans from obersteinach was by the hahnauern from nydersteinach a brother slain."

Further it says: "the same culprits should make a steynern cross, where that may be most suitable to stand."

"Soul hole" carved in stone

At our stone cross we find carved holes, also called "soul holes" called. According to popular belief, the souls of those who died suddenly or violently went in and out of the crossroads and found their resting place in the stone. According to ancient belief, the crossroads in particular were the abode of the spirits, which is why stones were placed there to banish them.

According to legend, a man without a head has often been seen near our stone cross, and a dog with fiery eyes has often frightened nocturnal hikers. Also the horses had often shied at this place for no apparent reason. Sometimes there is a "rough wind" at this place although the weather was beautiful. Could be today naturally also a passing train …

"Dem deifl ihr seel verschrieben" (dedicated to the deifl)

According to the book of legends by elise gleichmann, however, at this point two men "have dedicated their souls to the deifl", because the one who likes to stay there. But before they could sign the parchment with a gansekiel, two parish priests with a "buam" and an incense burner. There the "teifl if a man can't stand incense, he has cursed "a grub wind has come up and has twisted everything underneath".

The rescued men had a cross placed there out of gratitude. These sayings and especially an entry in the land-book of the lordship of plassenburg from 1398 point to a border at this place.



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