Neudecker son buys the “rosengarten” near beutelsdorf

Neudecker son buys the

It is an idyllically situated plot of land in the middle of the forest, actually perfect for a beer garden. As such, the marchenhaft served as a "rose garden" designated area for a few years as well. But then came the insolvency of ernst neudecker, a baker from the old town of herzogenaurach, and along with the house on hauptstrabe he also lost the plot of land in beutelsdorf.

But that is over, after his apartment and business house also the "rose garden" run by his wife pauline now a new owner has been found. And it comes from the family, something ernst neudecker is very happy about.

Recreation in the forest
His son klaus has purchased the land. The 46-year-old entrepreneur, who lives in herzogenaurach, wanted to secure the land. At first, he said in the FT interview, it will be used exclusively for private purposes. As it were, as a weekend staple for the family.

Neudecker is the managing director of the rummel mattress factory in neustadt/aisch, which employs 130 people and supplies the specialist trade. He has three children, and they are also happy to meet grandpa ernst out there.

So the rose garden falls into a thorny sleep for the public? This does not necessarily have to be, explains the new owner. "It is a wonderful area and recreation area", schwarmt neudecker. "It is fenced, lies in the middle of the forest and is ideal especially for children." And: a real restaurateur could certainly make something of it there.

But he was in no hurry to change, adds klaus neudecker. This year there will definitely be no management there. But certainly he will also talk with possible interested parties. In any case, a beer garden should not be left out in the future. But without a reasonable concept nothing will happen. Without such an area, a gastronomic business would not be economically viable. "It's not enough to put up a few beer stands", he says.

The pavilion was stolen
For his father ernst, the son from his first marriage is pleased that he has acquired the land. The 75-year-old can often be found in the garden, cleaning and looking after the garden. "Someone has stolen the pavilion", argues ernst. They must have jerked the crane to remove the rose-framed wooden structure. It was certainly the symbol of the garden.

Ernst neudecker has made his peace with the situation. When you have to go through insolvency and lose your possessions, including the house where you were born, it really takes it out of you. But that's over, says neudecker sr. And reaches for the rake to sweep up a pile of leaves.
The son is also pleased that his father enjoys the land in the forest and finds a task to do. And also the children. "They already want to celebrate their birthday parties there."

Use of the house unclear
The house of the old town baker in hauptstrabe was bought last year by carlo scarcella. What the owner of several ice cream parlors will do with it is not yet clear. Carlo still wants to think about it, as he said on request.

Ernst neudecker continues to live in the house that has been his home and workplace for many decades.


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