New building plans: burghaiger burgers fight back

New building plans: burghaiger burgers fight back

Four stories, eleven apartments: a new building divides the people of burghaig. It is to be built on an empty, approximately 3000 square meter site in theodor-heublein-strabe in burghaig. And that displeases some.

Now the opponents of the building project are fighting back. A collection of signatures is underway, and on friday there is to be a public meeting on the subject directly opposite the future construction site.

Flashback: in its october meeting, the kulmbach city council had to deal with a building application by maximilian fiebmann, who wants to erect a four-story apartment building on the property theodor-heublein-strabe 15. The city’s building authority judged that the house had a rather urban appearance and stood out from its village surroundings. Nevertheless, the project is justifiable in terms of urban development and permissible under planning law.

Not all city council members saw it that way at the time. In particular, ingo lehmann and hans werther (both SPD) found the building inappropriate at this location. Mayor henry schramm (CSU) and the city council majority, on the other hand, had no objections, pointing to the need for housing in kulmbach and ultimately waving the project through.

In the aftermath, there were several protests. There were letters from readers, there were critical comments in the burgers’ meeting – which were not only directed against the building, which was described as a "monstrosity" the planned building, but also pointed out the already cramped traffic conditions and the lack of parking spaces. In the meantime there is also a collection of signatures initiated by erika brose.


Now ralf-herbert kneitz has invited people to a public meeting. "We burghaiger and the local associations are very tradition-conscious and concerned about the preservation of our local image.", kneitz writes in his invitation.

"In this respect, we burghaiger burgers have no idea how a new building of such height and design could have been approved. To residents, parking and traffic conditions in the cramped theodor heublein street also appear more than problematic."

Kneitz makes it clear in his letter that the people of burghaig are not opposed to the densification of inner areas or the closing of building gaps, but that they also wanted their traditional, village-like townscape to be preserved.

That’s why they are inviting people to a public meeting (see infobox), because: "we want to have an objective dialogue and send a signal to the city, developers and architects."

The planned new building is the subject of a public meeting. It will take place on friday, 8. November, at 3 p.M. In the driveway of the herb garden in theodor-heublein-strabe.


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