New rewe store in sterbfritz: 50 percent more assortment is planned

new rewe store in sterbfritz: 50 percent more assortment is planned

The construction site in schluchterner strabe is still quite dirty and muddy, but the
shell of building stands, and there are no more wet tubes in the buildings. "The construction is making great strides", says rainer lapp, who runs the rewe stores in gelnhausen, budingen and ranstadt in addition to the one in sterbfritz. He recently visited the new store together with the mayor
carsten ullrich (SPD) the construction site.

The two first took a look at the beverage market, which is housed in a separate building. "We have 600 square meters of sales space here, compared to only 480 square meters in the old market", informs lapp. One special feature of the store will be a wash basin in addition to the two vending machines. "So that you can wash your hands or dump out leftovers from bottles", explains the rewe market owner. Carsten ullrich is also pleased about the doubling of the bottle return machine. "Then people don’t always have to wait behind me when I go to get my 25 euro deposit voucher", jokes the head of the city council.

From the beverage market, it’s over to the much coarser food market – at 1300
square meters of sales area (up to now it has been 750 square meters), customers will be able to buy their goods from 21. Marz will find everything the heart desires. According to lapp, the market will be characterized by an appealing interior and a customer-friendly range of products and services. So-called "assortment worlds should make it easy for customers to find their way around quickly and conveniently.

"Now we can offer the full range, which is 50 percent more than we do now," explains lapp, says rainer lapp. In addition to the increase in drugstore items, the rewe store will then offer a salad bar, fresh sushi and the so-called landmarkt program. "Local regional retailers will then be able to sell their goods here", explains lapp.

The market is also improving in terms of width: the aisles are growing by 20 centimeters. The parking spaces, each three meters wide, also offer sufficient space: 100 spaces are planned.

Until the opening on 21. Marz still has some work to do, wiring, pipes, heating, lighting and the interior fittings are missing. The monopitch roof is cantilevered, the five supporting beams, each weighing 7.5 tons, hold the roof in place without the need for additional pillars. "The open construction method is intended to symbolize the market character", explains rainer lapp "it’s going to be a pretty store".

The happ bakery and the muller butcher will also move to the new location. Both can
vergrobern. The cafe will offer about 30 seats, a terrace allows coffee in the open air. "All in all, including the baker and the butcher, there are about 70 employees working here", informs lapp.

Technically, the rewe store is state of the art: designed according to green building principles, it will consume considerably less energy than the previous store. It is heated exclusively with heat recovery from the cooling caves, which are equipped with glazed doors. An energy-saving led lighting system and the use of green electricity are also part of the concept. Julia kreb


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