No ceasefire in mountain karabakh

No ceasefire in mountain Karabakh

Despite international appeals for observance of the new ceasefire, heavy fighting continues around the sudkaucasus region of mountain karabakh, authorities say.

The hostile neighboring countries azerbaijan and armenia accused each other on tuesday of massive shelling in the conflict region. The authorities of the unrecognized republic of nagorno-karabakh reported that there was rocket and artillery fire from the azerbaijani side. The defense ministry in the azerbaijani capital of baku, in turn, accused armenia of firing first. The terter region is one of the areas affected.

"This is an absolute lie, azerbaijan is preparing the ground for aggressive actions against peace-loving localities," said a spokeswoman for the armenian defense ministry in yerevan. The enemy attacked from all directions, it said.

The number of civilian deaths has risen to 31, authorities in mountain karabakh said. The number of killed karabakh soldiers is 532, it was said in the afternoon. Azerbaijan has so far given no indication of casualties in its own ranks. The number of civilian deaths has risen since the beginning of the fighting on 27 september. September now increased to 43.

Armenian head of government nikol pashinyan said that the ceasefire agreed on saturday night does not hold. The two countries’ ministers, under russian mediation, reached the agreement in moscow, but it was broken shortly after it came into force. Russia’s deputy minister sergei lavrov on monday urged observance of the cease-fire.

For decades, the two ex-soviet republics have been fighting over the mountainous region, where some 145,000 people live.000 people live. Nagorno-karabakh is controlled by armenia, but under international law it belongs to islamic azerbaijan. In a war that followed the collapse of the soviet union some 30 years ago, azerbaijan lost control of the territory. It is inhabited by christian karabakh-armenians. Since 1994, there has been a break in the arms race. Turkey sides with azerbaijan in the conflict, while armenia sees russia as a protective power.


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