North korea threatens us with nuclear strike

North Korea threatens us with nuclear strike

In the conflict with sud korea, the lead in pjongjang did not retreat a millimeter on thursday. The situation on the peninsula remains extremely tense. U.S. Builds missile defense system at u.S. Base on pacific island of guam in response to ongoing provocations.

North korea moved a medium-range missile to the east coast, according to the sudkorean defense ministry. The reason is unclear, reported the sudkorean news agency yonhap. Another missile test may be imminent. Or the rocket should be launched during the 101st anniversary celebrations. Birthday of state founder kim il sung on 15. April to be fired. The grandfather is the role model for the current dictator kim jong un, according to diplomats and the media.

With the north korean missile moved to the east coast, a bombardment of the u.S. Is ruled out, sudkorean defense minister kim kwan jin said, according to the yonhap news agency. At a meeting of the defense committee in parliament, the minister contradicted reports that the missile was of the KN-08 type with a range of 10,000 kilometers.

German missile expert robert schmucker says it is impossible that the stalinist regime could have seriously threatened the u.S. With an attack. "North korea can’t threaten america because they don’t have missiles capable of warfare that have that range and payload capacity," the professor of space technology at the tu munich told the dpa news agency.

North korea refused to allow commuters from neighboring country to enter jointly operated industrial park in kaesong for second day in a row. The regime also threatened to permanently close the special economic zone just a few kilometers from the heavily guarded border. However, the industrial park is an important foreign exchange earner for the impoverished but highly rusted north. Some 50,000 north koreans work for 123 companies from south korea at the sprawling site.

Concerns grow in sud korea that stalinist regime could dare to launch a military provocation after weeks of verbal exchanges. Korea’s KOSPI stock index posted its biggest losses so far this year on thursday.

In the face of direct threats from north korea, the u.S. Continues to build up its forces in the pacific. In addition to the mobile ballistic missile defense system for the island of guam, the two warships "decatur" and "mccain" were deployed to the western pacific, said pentagon spokesman george little. Earlier, the top military leadership in north korea had told the white house and the pentagon that military "operations without any consideration" had been authorized.

The situation on the korean peninsula is considered extremely tense since north korea’s third nuclear test in february. Pyongyang had announced the 1953 armistice treaty in response to the expansion of U.N. Sanctions and sudanese-U.S. Military maneuvers. On saturday, pjongjang declared a "state of war" in relation to sud korea. Since the 1950s, the neighbors have formally remained at war.

North korea’s planned restart of the shutdown nuclear reactor at the controversial yongbyon nuclear center would be "extremely alarming," according to the u.S. Government. The european union on thursday regretted the announcement. "This would be a clear violation of the UN security council resolutions and the commitments made in the languages of the six states (north korea, u.S., china, sud korea, japan, russia)," according to a statement issued thursday in brussel by EU ombudsperson catherine ashton.

North korea must stop creating new tensions and instead resume constructive talks with the international community.

North korea expert siegfried hecker of stanford university in california does not expect north korea to be able to attack the u.S. With nuclear missiles. From north korea’s perspective, a nuclear strike also makes no sense because a devastating military response and the end of the regime would follow, hecker said in an interview published on the university website. A restart of the 5-megawatt reactor could take six months from hecker’s point of view. North korea could then produce six kilograms of plutonium per year, enough for a nuclear bomb.


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