Not all plants were harmed by the wet weather

Not all plants were harmed by the wet weather

A farmer’s rule says: "it depends on june whether the harvest is to be bestahn". Long-term weather observations indicate that high-pressure situations are to be expected in june in particular. Mostly, however, there is still a cold blow towards the middle of the month; the so-called sheep cold. The cold and very rainy weather has thrown the hobby gardener far back in his planning. The few dry days in may were not enough to finish tilling the kitchen garden, especially with heavy soils. All plants that love warm weather were left behind in may and stopped growing or, like the beans, failed to germinate.

Even summer flowers have hardly been planted so far or have been left at the mercy of the wet and cold weather as cube and balcony plants. According to the latest weather forecasts, however, the warm weather should finally come. Then things can really get going in the garden and a lot of things can still be made up for. When growing in the open, it is important to be patient until the soil has dried out sufficiently. A proverb says: "if the ground is still to be kneaded, you should not enter the garden." Especially clay or loam soils are saturated with moisture. But here, too, it is important not to lose heart. With the onset of warm weather, nature can quickly make up for lost time. The summer seems to have shifted more and more to the back in the last years anyway. Thus, a mild autumn often compensates the grower and farmer for a rainy spring or summer.

Black and red currants, as alluvial plants, seem to love a wet start. They are now looking very lush and have already started to set coarse fruit. Raspberries, as woodland plants, have also coped well with the weather so far. But now warm weather is needed for the berries to ripen. Red beet and carrots are particularly good for storage if they are not sown until the middle of the month. Those who have not yet grown mangold can still do so. To get a continuous harvest of bush beans and radishes, it is necessary to sow in batches during monday. This allows the harvest to be extended until the onset of frost. For late summer salads such as radicchio and endive, the growing season only begins in the middle of the month. Now is also the right time for the cultivation of rose, female and red cabbage. These plants need a spacing of 50 x 50 cm. For the sowing of outdoor cucumbers now begins the last opportunity.

Rhubarb now provides sour and fruity fruit for stewed fruit and cakes. The stems are not cut off, but twisted off at the bottom. When rhubarb blooms prematurely, it’s best to just break out the blooming stalks and toss them in the compost. Normally the harvest goes until johanni. As the summer progresses, oxalic acid increases more and more. Rhubarb loves the sun and should therefore be in partial shade at the most. If he gets little sunlight, only dark stalks develop. As a deep-rooted and highly nutritious rhubarb needs a deep and nutritious soil. The heavy rain this year has taken a toll on growth. Rhubarb should never stand in the same place for more than eight years. The best time to plant is in october or april.

On free platzen in the gemuse or flower bed can be sown simply the fast growing marigolds for the soil recovery and because of the careful bleeding. You can also try a seed mixture of robust and low-maintenance summer flowers. These not only look beautiful, but also attract a variety of beneficial insects such as hoverflies to the garden. This is a valuable contribution to the ecological balance at the same time. If sown by the end of june at the latest, the bloom can last until frost.

The cutting out of vines and climbing plants should now be abandoned, because in these very often bird nests are located. Young birds that now leave their nests and beg for food from their parents should definitely be left alone. A pile of rice in the garden protects the young birds best their enemies.


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