Now the freeway bridge near thurnau falls down

Anyone traveling on the A 70 near thurnau drives through a rough construction site. The main lane in the direction of bamberg is closed because the friesental bridge between the thurnau-ost and west freeway junctions is being renewed. This consists of two partial structures: it is the old bridge from 1961 that is being renewed, because its load-bearing reserves are no longer sufficient for today’s traffic conditions. The younger bridge, built in 1989 in the course of the highway construction, will not be touched. Traffic in both directions is currently running on these lanes.

17 meters high

Before the old part of the bridge is rebuilt, it must first be demolished. This has already been in full swing in the past few days. A huge excavator was used to demolish the 123-meter-long structure, which ran 17 meters above the friesland valley.

Bicycle lane closed

During the demolition work, the cycle path leading from the thurnau tennis court to limmersdorf will be closed off. The closure is expected to last another three weeks, according to thomas pfeifer, head of the bayreuth office of the northern bavaria freeway authority. For bicyclists and pedestrians a detour has been set up via the reuthofstrabe.
Parallel to the work on the friesental bridge, the neighboring structure, which carries the KU 17 district road from thurnau to limmersdorf, is also being renovated. According to pfeifer, the circle road will be closed for many months to come.

End of the year

Both structures will be widened in such a way that in future there will be a hard shoulder and a hard shoulder on the freeway in the direction of bamberg as well as the two traffic lanes. The entire project, which will cost twelve million euros, is scheduled for completion at the end of 2018.

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