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O2 Telefonica Achieves the Required Coverage Levels Set by FNA

Telefonica Deutschland, which provides services under the brand name O2, has announced that it has submitted its coverage and expansion figures to the Federal Network Agency (FNA). The telco says that it has completed an impressive network expansion program over the past three years. O2 Telefonica says it has processed around 20,000 mobile sites since 2020 to improve the Network and achieve the required coverage levels by the December 31, 2022, deadline.

O2 Telefonica’s Rapid 5G Expansion

In the case of 5G, O2 says the company has far exceeded the expected coverage levels. The telco already covers over 75 per cent of the population with the 5G Network by exceeding the requirement to commission 1,000 base stations divided among the federal states.

Fast Network

According to Network roll-out mandates, the telecom service provider should provide at least 98 per cent of households with speeds of at least 100 Mbps in each of the 16 federal states. However, O2 said that the telco had even exceeded the target, and 99.3 per cent of households can now browse and experience O2 Network with at least 100 Mbps.

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Coverage on Highways, Roads and Railways

O2 Telefonica has also fulfilled the condition to cover important traffic routes as far as practically possible. O2 provides 99.9 per cent of federal motorways with at least 100 Mbps. The most important national highways are covered by around 100 per cent, and O2 also meets the coverage obligations for railways to 99.2 per cent, per an official update by the telco.

New Locations to Close White spots

The FNA gave each network operator a requirement to set up 500 base stations in previously defined ‘white spot’ underserved areas across the states. As the companies decided to cooperate to build up the sites, O2 is also working continuously to build mobile sites and close the white spots. O2 Telefonica is responsible for around 167 base stations on a pro-rata basis and has so far been able to construct 61 sites, considering the short lead time for planning and constructing sites.

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Network Rollout Continues

O2 Telefonica provides at least 99 per cent of all other federal highways, state and national roads, and all other railroads with the required speeds, and the company is well on track to meet the requirements by the end of 2024.

O2 says it is committed to providing Germany with an ever-stronger and better-developed O2 Mobile Network.

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