“Oberburgermeister is not a profession that can be learned as an apprentice”

The farewell to the previous mayors and the oberburgermeister will be made up for, promised OB dominik sauerteig. After taking the oath of office and donning the chain of office, he was inaugurated by government president heidrun piwernetz. The office of the mayor is "not a profession that can be learned", she said. Sauerteig brings as a lawyer, former city council member and "real coburg" best conditions with. "They are close to the people, they know how people think here, where the shoe prints." Because many positions had to be filled by secret ballot, the meeting dragged on for a long time. For the representatives of the welfare associations in the youth welfare senate alone, three ballots were necessary. Then also had to be drawn by lot, which fraction or committee groups are represented in the senates. CSB, the FDP/coburg list committee and "we for coburg" have three city council seats each. But for these three there are only two senate seats. To "wir fur coburg" belong to rene hahnlein (left), klaus klumpers (odp) and alper hasirci (no party). "I would like to invite you for a beer, wine or tea afterwards", said sourdough . "But that is not possible at the moment" – because of the corona barriers. But the new mayor assured that the toast would be held at a later date. 

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