One year after the fire in coburg

One year after the fire in coburg

When on saturday at 1.When the alarm went off at 9 p.M., claus weigand had no idea that he would not be able to get back to bed for the next 16 hours. "I only had the information that the roof of the 'loreley' was on fire, tells the head of the support group-sanitatseinsatzleitung (UG-sanel) of BRK. Arriving at the market place, he saw the flames above the roofs and still thought: "that burns but neatly."

Euphoria" was playing on the car radio, who shortly before had won the first place at the eurovision song contest. "At that moment the flames really started to fly high." Still today it stings him to listen to this music.

First on the scene
Claus weigand was one of the first rescuers on the scene – he doesn't have far to go from his apartment to the marketplace. "I was met by a group of young people. They were wrapped in blankets and barefoot and some had children in their arms. The street was littered with the shards of broken mabkrugen", he remembers. People who were desperately looking for a place to escape to were sent to the ratskeller. There they first examined the doctors and paramedics. Employees of the mental-social emergency care were on site to provide support. "It was coming and going, because people kept running to the burning houses to see what it looked like there."

To keep track, all those who had already been taken care of were given small cards to hang around their necks. It was not yet clear whether there were any injured in the burning houses – the firefighters were on the lookout, equipped with breathing apparatus. "In the initial phase, we brought people with minor injuries to the hospital." From 6 o'clock in the morning, 25 to 30 people who no longer had a roof over their heads were driven to the coje youth center. "The rest were accommodated privately."

Claus weigand had been assigned to the claims office as the operational leader. That is, he coordinated the requested rescue forces and assigned the vehicles their places. "Later, we set up a catering station for the firefighters in theatergasse." There were mainly drinkers there, because: "they were so full of adrenaline and didn't track at all, that they didn't drink enough." But that's what the rescue teams were there for. They were also worried about the firefighters, some of whom had to perform superhuman tasks.

Photos of fire damage
Sunday afternoon around 12 o'clock claus weigand also had serious signs of fatigue. "I let myself go from the lead, but I stayed on." Because there was still a lot to do: the documentation for the following shift had to be written and the condition of the rooms in the houses, which had meanwhile been cleared, had to be photographed. "I have taken over", says claus weigand.


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