Only hardly anyone wants to cooperate

Only hardly anyone wants to cooperate

Johanna blum

the chairman went straight to the heart of the matter. The first chairwoman sabine kohler-huter explained the reason for the extraordinary meeting to the vdk district chairman karl-heinz bauer, the district office manager peter keim and second mayor jutta kohler as well as the members. "New elections became necessary because we no longer have a board capable of passing resolutions", explained this.
Her review only covered the year 2017, because the regular annual general meeting with the detailed annual report and the cash report will take place in spring 2018. So the chairwoman confined herself to the present figures. 363 members are in the vdk-adelsdorf. 25 of them were present at the special meeting. Kohler-huter proudly reported on the dialog presentations, the visitation services, which she can hardly manage any more, and the "hostel search. The days of the old school in aisch in the existing form are paid and so one looks desperately for replacement rooms. Just one problem among many. Too few visitors, too few active board members. But also the rough problem that the former cake team of the vdk is no longer active since summer due to age reasons. "More volunteers are simply missing!"

Many problems

After a long search, the AWO home in the aischer strabe was found to be the best replacement. But here, too, there are problems, because no disabled person can climb the many stairs to the comfortable guest room. From the "thursday meeting with dinner became a "monday meeting without dinner". The rehearsal afternoons are now over. Mainly the manner had visited the AWO home to play cards.
Most women were too attached to the old domicile. Also missing was the honorary driving service, which was not scheduled for monday. At the AWO home, there was "only" one thing to do coffee and cake, with four volunteers from the AWO lovingly taking care of the new guests.
Peter keim said about the finances that the vdk adelsdorf is not in a bad position, although it is in the economic operation in the minus. Since the change of location, the income for drinks, coffee and cake from the thursday meeting is missing. "This will have an impact in the long run", said germ.

Working at a high level

But before the desired new elections took place, karl-heinz bauer took the floor. "In order to hold new elections, the entire board must resign. But since this is not the case, there will of course be no new elections and everything will remain the same until the end of the year." He praised the active ones: "your local association has worked the last years on a high level. It was amazing what you have done."
In contrast to the statements of the chairmen, he sees lively activity. Also the accessibility is not too bad compared to other local groups. He appealed to the board to sit down together, gladly also with him, to discuss how to relieve the board and the volunteers.
"Must one have a visiting service? Must one cook a dinner?" These were the questions he put to the group. When asked who would like to serve on the board, however, no one raised their hand.
Jutta kohler also made an appeal on behalf of the community: "our local association has really worked at a very high level. This is not the rule!" She also advised to think about where one wants to or can do less in the future. "Reduce everything a bit, reduce the workload. It would be a pity if there was no longer a board of directors", she warned. If there should not be a new board of directors, the circle adelsdorf ubernehmen.
"Do you want that?", bauer asked. One should simply let the meeting run on a smaller flame. Everyone was satisfied with this proposal, on the condition that they meet again every thursday afternoon in the old vdk home until the fate of the old school is sealed.
A working group is dealing with the issue, but the wrecking ball has not yet been ordered, said the 2. Mayor. Only the high maintenance costs in the poorly insulated building should still be solved, which must be clarified with the municipality.

Christmas party is coming up

After a query as to who wanted to stay in the home on the uttsberg until the status quo, all members came forward. So from next thursday (30. November) all interested vdkler again in the old home with coffee and cake, which the eager former cook christine schmidt still likes to organize.
At the very end of the meeting, the vacant position of secretary was filled by rosa-maria dresel. She also occasionally helps out with the catering, a small relief for the chairwoman, whose concerns could not be completely eliminated despite everything. But it goes on at least once. Finally, kohler-huter invited all members to the christmas party on 17. December at 11.30 o’clock in the 3crowns.

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