“Our forest is allowed to be a piece of nature”

Natural forestry was the topic of the forest walk of the members of the city council of ebern. In the town forest near reutersbrunn, plant manager jurgen hahn and forester wolfgang gnannd from the amt fur ernahrung, landwirtschaft und forsten (AELF) informed the committee about the new forest management system.

At the last survey in 2017, the city forest had a usable area of around 880 hectares. In comparison, there were only 764 hectares in 1994. The changes have come about through cessions and additional purchases, explained jurgen hahn.

The oak dominates

In the distribution of tree species, the oak dominates with almost 35 percent. It is followed by pine (31 percent), beech (15) and spruce (10). But also purely economic tree species such as douglas fir are represented with about five percent. In ebern, natural regeneration is used, i.E. The new growth in the forest is created by seed that has flown in or been cut open or by seed from surrounding trees.

No other forestry operation has as much oak as here, informed hahn. However, with this type of trees you need a lot of fingertip feeling in light control. Light control plays a decisive role in natural regeneration. Different silvicultural methods can be used to create different light conditions and thus influence the future stock.

At the top in tree stock

In terms of tree stock, the ebern municipal forest is at the top of the list of municipal operations in lower franconia. Moreover, the stock is of a very high quality, which is characterized by the fact that the trunks hardly contain any aste. Thus the sum of the harvestable solid cubic meters (efm) is 273000. In principle, however, only the amount of trees that will grow again is felled.

Furthermore, 14 forest rightholders from reutersbrunn have the customary right to log in the sections "vorbacher weg", "jockelsgraben" and "heidhugel, to use the wood for oneself. The rights are based on an agreement dating back to 1863 with the municipality of the time and are tied to the houses or the parcel numbers of the rightholders. For the first time, they have contracted out the management to the companies birklein and ebert, who are to help demand the right mix of future tree stocks. On the 50 hectares of the rechtler the pine is the most represented with 64 percent.

During the final discussion, mayor jurgen hennemann summed up that the forest walk was once again a good opportunity to get to know processes more closely. Thanks to continuous management and care by the dedicated experts, the city forest is in a top position. "Our forest can be a piece of nature", explained the head of the city in relation to the natural rejuvenation.

New wildcat trail

The city council also led it to the new wildcat trail in the rechtler forest. In this area was also registered the first regrowth of the shy animals. Although not yet completely finished, hennemann is sure that this will become a facility that will attract people to the recreation area. Together with the habberge nature park and the AELF, the city of ebern has created interesting stations here to bring the life of wild cats and nature in general closer to people.

Eberhard shows the way

A wildcat has its territory on 2,000 hectares, explained forester wolfgang gnannd and at the same time emphasized that forest management is not contrary to the natural way of life of the animals. "There are already some aste lying on the way, just as nature wants it", but one should also move along this path in the footsteps of the wildcat, so to speak, gnannd continues. Cat "eberhard" as a symbolic figure will show the visitors the right way in the future. The official opening is planned for autumn this year.

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