Gypsy moth is combated by helicopter

In its most recent meeting, the city council unanimously approved the chemical control of the gypsy moth. In munnerstadt, smaller forest areas in grobwenkheim, kleinwenkheim and seubrigshausen are affected.

The decision was preceded by a detailed presentation by wilhelm schmalen of the amt fur ernahrung, landwirtschaft und forsten bad neustadt (office for food, agriculture and forestry). "We needed frost at the beginning of may" said wilhelm schmalen. Then the gypsy moth was controlled in a natural way, but if there is no frost, something should be done. The caterpillars of the gypsy moth can eat entire oak trees bare, but they do not stop at other deciduous trees either.

In detail, wilhelm schmalen shows the city council the problem on the animals themselves and the measuring methods with which the infestation is determined. The caterpillars are controlled by helicopters, which apply the chemical preparation mimic in a very targeted manner to the affected crowns. Wilhelm schmalen stressed that bees were not endangered by this.


Dancing girlies, rocking mayor

Dancing girlies, rocking mayor

For a short sermon mayor jochen partheymuller asked in his greeting dean lars rebhan. This countered quick-witted: "let it go you all well. Amen!"

Over 1000 visitors

The first summer festival in marktgraitz exceeded expectations by far with more than 1000 visitors. Seats were quickly in short supply and more beer tent sets were set up by the burgermeister and his comrades-in-arms from the FC marktgraitz sports center. Also the helpers at the beer tap of the local "rosenauer hofbrau had to perform at a high level to satisfy all the thirsty throats. And it was an event of superlatives, which the municipality of marktgraitz and the numerous associations had put on the legs.
After the entertainment band "bieroxn the choir community of marktgraitz/mannsgereuth opened the evening with "wir loben die musik" (we praise the music). And the next songs accompanied the visitors to the croatian adriatic coast. The "vacation feeling was reinforced by the songs of heinrich geblein and pino neapolitano accompanied by reinhardt lutter. Italian folklore fit perfectly into the summery atmosphere that prevailed on the market square, and made the visitors revel in this summer night's dream. The "graatzer hecht'n dreigesang" loves each other and returned home with french folklore.

Burgermeister lets it rip

A graceful performance was given by the two groups of the dance guard of the TV marktgraitz. Showing no stage fright at all in front of such a coarse audience, got a lot of applause during her performance. Rock music from mayor partheymuller: no one expected this. Alternating guitar and bass by him and his son laurenz and his friend jonas gohl on drums they had taken over the stage without further ado. 


Taylor swift on music, fear and aging

Taylor swift on music, fear and aging

Taylor swift is currently considered the most successful female musician in the world. Soon their seventh album was allowed to appear. A first single ("ME!") is already there.

Question: you said a few days ago that you wanted to give more concerts in europe. When to? Is already a tour planning in progress?

Answer: "we definitely won’t be announcing any shows in the near future, because there is a procedure for how we do things, and I always like to approach the fans directly first and tell them about it. But it’s definitely important to me to go on tour this year in places i haven’t been in a long time. I’m in the middle of planning for it and it’s so good to be back in germany. The fans are so nice and wonderful and friendly."


Broadband expansion is being prepared

During the expansion in the intersection of hauptstrabe and honingser strabe, empty pipes for broadband expansion are to be laid as well. This was agreed upon by the hetzlese municipal council in its most recent meeting.

The intersection urgently needs to be rehabilitated to eliminate the increased risk of accidents. In this context – and in order to take advantage of synergy effects – the community council considered it sensible to lay the empty pipes at the same time, so that the guarantee for the expansion remains in place. The community council took note of the information provided and commissioned the company tauberbau, which had submitted the most economical offer, to lay the empty pipes as part of the asphalting work at a price of 7100 euros.

In the case of repair work on water pipes and gate valves in the parish, there are discrepancies between inventory documents and pipes on site because data is entered incorrectly or not recorded at all. In order to obtain exact figures for a water supply plan, the entire supply network must be digitized and surveyed. All main and house connections, hydrants and supra-local supply lines are recorded in the process. Two bids were submitted for the digitization of the pipe network. The contract was awarded to stadtwerke forchheim at a price of 5464 euro.


Fee screw in neubrunn: “increase in the direction of rip-off”

"The most important concern for the next few years is to maintain our two kindergartens, but also the elementary school in kirchlauter. With combined classes and a location in kirchlauter, this should be possible for the elementary school, and especially for the kindergarten in neubrunn, we have to come up with a special design. Here we are dependent on the school children in the midday care and I appeal here to the young mother to help with it", mayor karl heinz kandler (SPD) emphasized at the town hall meeting, which was attended by around 65 residents of neubrunn.

The mayor spoke about the development of the population figures, according to which the municipality of kirchlauter currently has 1336 citizens with their main residence. In addition there were 71 with secondary residence. In the population structure, the age group from 0 to 18 years has fallen from 224 to 215, while the number of people over 65 years has increased from 250 to 288.

The kindergarten in neubrunn is only occupied by 19 children: twelve children from three to six years old, two children under three years old and five schoolchildren. Since september 2016 we have fallen into the "landkindergartenregelung" because of the low numbers, but we should not fall further behind.


Rail competitors continue to gain market share

rail competitors continue to gain market share

Every fourth kilometer was covered by the competition last year, according to figures from the federally owned group.

Competitors have also been able to make gains in freight traffic, and only in long-distance traffic does deutsche bahn remain virtually unchallenged with its ICE and intercity trains.

The group, which owns the german rail network, is using the figures as an argument against eu plans to separate rail networks and operations in europe. He has no understanding for this, said rudiger grube, head of the german railroads.

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