“You can’t please everyone anyway”

The announcement of the intention to sell the shares in the bamberger basketball gmbh was quickly followed by a turnaround. As reported, the coburg-based automotive supplier brose continues to steer the fortunes of nine-time german champion brose bamberg. What are the reasons for the rethink? Michael stoschek, chairman of the shareholders” meeting of the brose group of companies and at the same time chairman of the supervisory board of the basketball bundesliga club from bamberg, answered our interview questions in writing.

Why does brose still remain the majority shareholder??

Michael stoschek: without a shareholder role we had no more influence on the decisions concerning the organization and the sporting goals despite our rough financial commitment. In the sense of bamberger basketball i have stopped our complete exit then.


Kronach frankenwald clinic now only accepts emergency cases

Kronach frankenwald clinic now only accepts emergency cases

The helios-frankenwald hospital now only accepts emergency cases. This message reaches the editorial office on late tuesday afternoon (24).November 2020).

The clinic’s press spokesman, stefan studtrucker, explains: "by order of the district administration, the frankenwaldklinik is currently only accepting emergency and covid patients." Deliveries are also still recorded. Appointment patients and other treatment cases will have to wait accordingly: "patients whose treatment appointments have to be postponed because of this will be contacted by our secretariats." The mabnahme is valid temporarily until 7. December, says the press spokesman.

What are the reasons for this decision?

How it came to this decision of the health office, cannot be said on tuesday evening yet with certainty. The district administration will comment on this on wednesday, explains press spokesman alexander loffler. Also clinic press speaker studtrucker can call in the evening still no exact reason.


The new trend sport

In fact, it is also a question of completing a certain distance. But not for nothing a new word was introduced for this actual sport. It is mainly about artful, smooth movements when overcoming obstacles. Originally, natural obstacles were meant here, as well as the art of moving through a natural landscape, which is called methode naturelle. David belle, the founder of parkouring, learned this playful and easy way of moving from his father and transferred the model to the urban environment of the parisian suburb of lisses, which was dominated by steel and concrete buildings, at the end of the 1980s.

Children’s playground grobstadt

The chases of the children went over paper baskets, ping pong tables and small streams and when the children became teenagers, more difficult obstacles such as walls, fences or even building stumps were increasingly included. Later also building facades and skyscrapers: le parkour was born. Today, there are various initiatives around the world that are based on this movement and are organized in different ways. Competitions are held, but the founder david belle distanced himself from the parkour worldwide association already in 2006, mainly because the idea of competition does not correspond to the original sport with its philosophical foundations. A little bit you can compare parkour with acrobatics. The acrobat, however, wants to impress his audience with a show, the traceur, as the athlete of parkour is called, should move smoothly and as fast as possible from a starting point A to a self-selected target B, while he has to overcome certain obstacles, which he must not change. However, he does not do it to impress others, which of course happens quickly when someone really elegantly flies over a two-meter-high board fence… Spectacular film and television reports have made the sport known, but ultimately contradict the philosophy that here a sport is practiced for its own sake and with the goal of doing something for oneself and one’s health.


Cultivating tradition is once again on the back burner

Cultivating tradition is once again on the back burner

Due to the corona pandemic, stockheim's popular miners' tradition is once again on a dip. Miners' christmas, christmas market, barbara celebrations with a layer of meat and the miners' band's christmas concert fall victim to covid-19. Especially the rough mountain parade used to attract a lot of guests. Only on saturday, 4. December, takes place at 5 pm in the house of god st. Wolfgang with pastor hans-michael dinkel a service for the deceased miners takes place. The singers of the folkstrachtenverein "zechgemeinschaft" neukenroth will provide the vocal accompaniment. The obligation to wear a mask still applies.

Chairman heiko eisenbeib regrets the standstill. Finally one had acquired uniforms for new active members in the past year, which were privately financed. In this respect, the miners' association of stockheim and the surrounding area is well positioned, eisenbeib emphasized.

Although the last coal mine "st. The "katharina" mine was closed forever in 1968, the mining heritage in the community of stockheim and also in the district of kronach is still considered to be of great importance. The local coal mines in stockheim, reitsch and in the neighboring neuhaus have had a decisive influence on the region and have contributed significantly to its industrial development. From 1935 to 1968, about 1500 miners worked in the stockheim mine. In the meantime, the ruhr region, with its 173 mines, has also reached the end of the line.


Clamps, kulis and cookies

Clamps, kulis and cookies

Gumdrops, pinwheels, flower seeds. The local elections in bamberg are in full swing and the parties are not only advertising their political content. The bamberger was able to get a lot of freebies at the election booths, especially on the weekend. What original gifts do the parties want to entice the citizens with this year?? We have asked the parties and received feedback from most of them. The following is an overview with not entirely serious opinions.

CSU gives away pencils

The CSU has made an effort to run a plastic-free election campaign as far as possible. In addition to brown, logo-free paper bags that the wahler can use for shopping, she also distributes gum bars, fortune cookies or tea bags. In addition, pencils are also brought among the people. Why no pens like other parties also, the question arises there. For the ballot paper the pencil is rather less suitable, or? In the end, the voter comes up with the idea of erasing the cross from the CSU list.

Offer tangerines

The free voters have focused on their political content. But the voter can still pocket one small thing: a tangerine! "Delicious", thinks the health-conscious burger. On the way home, this one is sure to be eaten quickly. "Oh, who was the tangerine from again?? Not important, it tasted good in any case."


Minigolf makes maximum fun

Miniature golf is a popular and entertaining pastime for young and old alike, which is at the same time entertaining, but also has a certain competitive character. So it’s no wonder that 13 young people came to the mini-golf taster course at the lichtenfels course in the old coburger strabe as part of the summer vacation program organized by the district’s municipal youth work department.

The ball lands in the bush

Divided into two groups, the students first learned the basics of the game from the group leaders, and then got started with enthusiasm. Since some of the young people were still inexperienced, the ball was often hit over, the small colorful ball was not hit correctly or the game device even landed in a bush, so that the whole group had to go in search of the ball. Soon, most of them were doing quite well, after all, no master has ever fallen from the sky. Applause erupted when leon sommer from doringstadt drove the ball into the small hole on lane 13 with a single stroke.
You could tell he already had a little practice. "I have already played several times in burgkunstadt and here on this course, because I enjoy playing minigolf", emphasized the 14-year-old student of the meranier high school, whose favorite sport is soccer, after all, he chases the round leather in the C-youth of TSV staffelstein.
The same feat was also achieved by jannik reitwiebner, who mastered hole 18 in one stroke and also achieved good results in other respects, although he had only played minigolf once before. Nine-year-old mistelfelder is also quite active in other areas. "I play basketball with the youth team of TSV staffelstein and am a member of the children’s fire department mistelfeld", he explained.

Two girls at the start

Considering the fact that eleven-year-old arthur from ebensfeld was playing miniature golf for the first time, the budding high school student did very well and achieved remarkable results on most of the holes. Only two girls were among the 13 participants. Eight-year-old katharina weis from serkendorf, who only recently had the pleasure of learning the secrets of chess at an introductory course with her sister, wanted to get to know the game of miniature golf this time, as did ten-year-old lena schutz from lichtenfels.


District council is surprisingly unanimous

District council is surprisingly unanimous

It was not so long ago that the budget discussions of the upper franconian district council really got down to business. There were fights over the amount of the levy up to the last second and the political opponents were verbally attacked hard. Yesterday it was all very different. With only two votes against, the budget for the year 2013 was unanimously approved by the CSU and SPD factions as well as the free voters. There were only criers on the part of the greens and the FDP, for whom the approved levy rate of 20.7 points was not high enough.

On 25. In october, the administration's draft budget was introduced, and two weeks later it was passed unchanged – a record-breaking achievement.

Which may have been due to the fact that all those involved had sought a fair balance between the interests of the levy payers and those of the district. The administration had also informed the district councils in good time and brought them on board for the upcoming decisions. Even the opposition, and here especially SPD faction leader wolfgang hoderlein, found only appreciative words for the proposal of chamberer reiner bohner. District council president gunther denzler explained in his budget speech that budget considerations had been guided by the need to achieve as constant a development of the levy rate as possible in the coming years. For these reasons also the lowering of the hebesatz by only one point. Theoretically, 2.5 points would also have been possible. Then, however, it had neither been possible to reduce debts nor to build up reserves.


Kronach benefits from the coburg meat scandal

When news of the coburg meat scandal spread like wildfire a month ago, everything happened very quickly: the city closed the slaughterhouse temporarily and the coburg public prosecutor's office began investigating who was responsible.

At the same time, the phone of managing director jorg deuerling rang at the kronach abattoir. The question was always the same: whether the kronach abattoir could step in. He has never "beaten the advertising drum", deuerling emphasizes. Since then, around 60 to 100 more pigs and between one and five cattle a week are slaughtered in kronach. Animals that have so far met their end in coburg. This means an increase of around ten percent in the number of animals slaughtered – normally 700 pigs and around 40 to 50 cattle are slaughtered there every week. The business is not yet operating at full capacity. "We only slaughter three days a week.", deuerling explains "our capacity is far from being at an end."

Kronach and bamberg benefit
However, he does not expect the number of slaughters to increase further. The dellert company, which has become the focus of the investigation, was responsible for the bulk of the coburg slaughter figures. Direct marketers remain, who have comparatively few pigs and cattle slaughtered. "The stock will be divided between the slaughterhouses of bamberg and kronach." He is aware that he cannot compete with bamberg in terms of numbers. Nevertheless, his company offers advantages: "we are somewhat smaller and more flexible. Elsewhere you are just a number." So he could respond more strongly to the wishes of the customers, for example with regard to delivery and collection. " At the moment we make everything possible – even sunday deliveries for pigs, which we have not had before."


And suddenly the water was gone

Helmut gotz drags three bags of mineral water bottles through podeldorfer strabe. "Since this morning I have no water and no one tells me what’s wrong, no one from the city, no janitor, no one. And nothing works without water", rants the resident. Like gotz, some bambergers are feeling this morning. First, at about half past one, a 150-millimeter line breaks in weibenburgstrabe, from which seven house connections hang. Two and a half hours later, damage to a much stronger water main in podeldorfer strabe is reported. As it turns out later, this case is a slow crack, a five meter long section must be exposed and replaced. "The two pipe bursts happened almost simultaneously by pure coincidence", says stadtwerke press spokesman jan giersberg.
In podeldorfer strabe, meanwhile, a small queue forms at the hydrant that was opened by the municipal utility for residents. Alexandra mohrlein and heike muller, who work in a nearby butcher shop, fill several buckets. "This is an emergency, but without water we can’t do anything", says muller. "Hopefully tomorrow it will be all right", mohrlein adds.
In both cases, giersberg cites "material mud" as the cause of the pipe bursts which surprises him especially in weibenburgstrabe, where the pipeline dates back to 1972. That the water pipe in podeldorfer strabe is another 19 years old, says a resident who is filling her canister at the hydrant. "I was suddenly without water, no tea, no toilet flush, no shower – I just went to the swimming pool", she says and carries her canister home.
"When the water fails, it is generally unpleasant for the inhabitants. In cases like this, you can always see how self-evident the water supply has become for us, says city utility spokesman giersberg. In the program "water 2025 the next step will also be the renewal of the pipeline network in the city area.
At around 3 p.M., giersberg first announced for weibenburgstrabe: "there is pressure on the pipeline again." On the spot, installer karl-heinz bauer can point to the freshly repaired water pipe, but also to wet spots under the asphalt. At both locations, the water has undercut the road, and in podeldorfer strabe, the cycle path as well. Accordingly, complete road closures will be necessary in weibenburgstrabe between zollnerstrabe and eckbertstrabe, and in podeldorferstrabe between adalbert-stifterstrabe and eichendorffstrabe.
According to the city’s press spokesman steffen schutzwohl, in the latter case "the closure will probably be maintained for at least a week", before the road is opened to traffic again. In weibenburgstrabe, attempts will be made before the weekend to convert the full closure into a one-way street with direction podeldorfer strabe – weibenburgstrabe – zollnerstrabe. The fact that zollnerstrabe is also currently closed between berliner ring and weibenburgstrabe does not make things any easier for road users, of course. Bus lines 902 and 920 are currently being diverted via berliner ring, stop "adam-kraft-strabe is currently not served.
On thursday afternoon a resident of weibenburgstrabe complained about a damp cellar. "In such cases, it is worthwhile to turn on and inform us. If we are responsible for this, our insurance was allowed to take over", says jan giersberg of the city’s public utilities department.
"The colleagues are working today until everyone has water again", he has also promised for the podeldorfer strabe. "We can’t just go digging there, because there’s another water main and a gas main there." In the evening, water again flowed through the pipe at the second site of damage. So on friday everyone can go back to showering and making coffee as usual. Only car and bicycle drivers will have to take detours for a while yet.


Adrian persch: 300 kilometers for the wolves

When the EC bad kissingen (3./23) will not meet until this weekend (friday, 19.30 o’clock) and finally at home (sunday, 6 o’clock) to the EV moosburg (8./9), it’s all still at stake for the wolves – namely promotion to the bavarian league. Only the first three in the interlocking round are promoted. Relegation from the bavarian league, on the other hand, is already sealed for EV moosburg. The team around coach bernhard englbrecht broke a negative series during the dovetailing round the neck: six defeats in succession love moosburg on the last place slip off. A series of five defeats in the preliminary round had already put the EV at the bottom of the bavarian league with a total of only seven wins and 19 losses. In the meantime, moosburg had agreed "by mutual consent" separated from trainer dimitri startschew. Former landshut national goalkeeper bernhard englbrecht took over the post. "The fact that moosburg is last doesn’t mean a thing", says wolfe chairman michael rosin. "They didn’t play in the bavarian league for nothing."

From passau to nurnberg

Adrian persch also sees it that way. The 24-year-old forward of the kissinger wolfe warns not to underestimate the opponent. "Everyone who comes from the bayernliga can play ice hockey. It will certainly not be easy", he says. But he is sure: "if everyone delivers his performance, nothing more could go wrong." Since this season the passau native plays for the wolves. "I got into field hockey through my older brother and the nearby ice rink in passau," says persch, says persch. "I have liked ice hockey from the beginning." From passau he came through his school to nurnberg to the young ice tigers. He found a job in the public service of the city of nurnberg and has been living there ever since. How did he come to the kissinger wolfen??

"I had to take almost two years off due to injury. Before that i was in habfurt and had heard about bad kissingen. I offered myself there and trained with them." Player-coach mikhail nemirovsky was happy with the 24-year-old, and so adrian persch has been playing and coaching with the wolfen since this season. He still lives in nurnberg, has a commute of 150 kilometers – and drives 150 kilometers home after every training session and home game. A great burden for him? " At the times of the day I go, it is relaxed. But in the long run, coming home late naturally gets to you", says persch, who starts work at 7 a.M. In the morning. But he is happy to do it for the sport of field hockey and the team: "it’s been a great six months, i’ve met new people and we have a great team." And a little craziness is part of being an ice hockey player, as persch says.

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