Pregnant woman murdered and baby cut from her womb

Pregnant woman murdered and baby cut from her womb

Three suspects have been arrested in the U.S. City of chicago for allegedly murdering a heavily pregnant 19-year-old woman and cutting the baby from her womb.

The body of the young woman, missing since april, was discovered in a dumpster in the backyard of the suspects’ home, according to police in chicago. According to media reports, the baby is alive, there was no official information about his condition at first.

"This isn’t tv, this is real life," chief inspector eddie johnson told journalists. According to the report, a 46-year-old woman and her 24-year-old daughter strangled the young woman with a cable and forcibly cut her unborn child from her womb. You are suspected of murder. The 40-year-old boyfriend of the mother was arrested as an accomplice.

The victim had met the women through a facebook group. The pregnant woman had gone to them expecting to get baby clothes from them. The cable used to strangle her was found by investigators near the body.

The woman had been murdered since 23. April missing. The police then received on 7. May of a friend of the murdered hints at the facebook contact between the young woman and the suspected perpetrators. The suspected daughter then claimed that her mother had had the baby. A DNA test quickly proved the opposite.

According to an NBC report, the baby is in a hospital, but the hospital is not able to give any information about his condition. A spokeswoman for the family of the murdered woman said that the child had already been given a name. It is called yadiel, as the mother wished. The "chicago tribune" wrote on friday that the family had been told that the baby was brain dead. The husband of the slain told the newspaper that the family is praying that the little boy will survive anyway. "He is a gift from god left to us by my wife"."

The woman killed came to the U.S. From mexico with her parents as a child, according to the newspaper report. She was the oldest of four siblings and already had a three-year-old son, he said. Her family had wanted to organize a baby shower for her at the end of april because she had not had one with her first child. Instead, the family has spent the past few weeks searching for her, the newspaper continued.

A similar case had already occurred in 2015 in the U.S. State of colorado. There, a woman had lured a pregnant woman to her home under the pretext of giving her maternity clothes as a gift. She then allegedly stabbed and choked the woman. Then she cut her daughter out of her belly. The baby died after the attack, the mother survived seriously injured. The perpetrator was convicted of attempted premeditated murder.


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