Radio hole, border, bureaucracy

radio hole, border, bureaucracy

An internationally active company cannot be reached? It happened, says benedikt mey. Together with his brother, he runs the company mey chair, which manufactures work chairs for various professions – from industry to medicine to music. But the staff at the headquarters in merlach can’t be reached by cell phone. Well, that’s what landline telephones are for. "But they run over the internet, and when that goes down, you have to drive out to use your cell phone to report the outage.", says benedikt mey. Plant manager christian finzel also experiences the cell phone crisis in his volunteer work: "as long as we were alerted by text message, i never noticed a fire alarm when i was at work.", says the dietersdorfer, who is also a firefighter there.

Hope thanks to the free state

"Back there on the hill or "just before autenhausen – the people of merlach know where there is reception in the area and where there isn’t. Even the seblach city council members know that there is a lack of mobile phone coverage in the triangle formed by the districts of autenhausen – gleismuthhausen -merlach. In september 2019, however, a solution seemed within reach. In december 2018, the state of bavaria had launched a demand program for the expansion of mobile communications. The "radio holes" were to be closed. In august 2019, the city of seblach received information from the mobile radio center of bavaria that a corresponding "search circle" had been set up between autenhausen and merlach was found. "This indicates a possible location for a transmitter mast, which the network operator can use to protect patches of wheat on their municipal territory", says the letter. The search area was around the huberg, a hill between autenhausen and merlach. The city has been advised to make the appropriate request for it. The seblach city council was delighted to agree. But now more than a year has passed, and the demand promise for the radio mast is still not there. Instead: protests.

In november 2019, an employee of the mobile radio center called the city administration to say that a request was not possible. Reason: a radio mast at this location was also beaming on thuringian territory. The city is therefore recommended to withdraw its claim.

But the people of seblach did not want to know about that. "We have 30 years of german unification, and this is supposed to be a problem?", asks maximilian neeb. The mayor of seblach (freie wahler), in office since february 2019, believes the state has a duty to ensure equal living conditions throughout bavaria – including in the western part of the town of seblach, just a few meters from what was once the inner-german border.

Failure at the border?

Can it be a problem if the people of poppenhausen and lindenau, who live just over the border in thuringia, benefit from a radio mast on bavarian territory?? Even more, if it would not mean any major improvement for you: according to the map of the federal network agency there is some good reception (see graphic).

But the mobile radio agency, based in regensburg, leaves the tageblatt’s list of questions unanswered. She refers to the bavarian ministry of economics. The information from there is as follows: "the requirements of the demand program are not met by the town of seblach, since the map for the municipality does not show a large enough white spot. But the city was able to have measurements taken. The mobile communications center is currently looking for a solution to the case. The network operators will also be involved, because their information is the basis for the demand map."

Measuring flatness

Bavaria may only make demands within its borders, says martin mittag (CSU), neeb’s predecessor as mayor and now a member of the state parliament. As he explains, the demand map is based on the data provided by the network operators – in germany, these are telekom, vodafone and telefonica. In order for the city of seblach to receive claim funds, there had to be a 100 by 100 meter rough flat without reception. It does exist, says mittag, but it is supposedly partly on thuringian territory. "No one has ever been able to tell me exactly where this ‘box’ is.", says maximilian neeb – by this he means the square in question of 100 by 100 meters.

Because the network operators say they have covered the area, the city had to prove that this was not true by taking measurements – and pay for these measurements itself. Martin mittag now wants to lobby for such measurements to be required by the state in the municipalities. The state should not rely solely on the information provided by the providers. That the seblach problem would be solved was promised by state secretary roland weigert (freie wahler) as early as spring, says maximilian neeb. At the time, on the fringes of the mobile communications summit in bayreuth, he sought contact with refuses. For the 29. Another mobile communications summit for upper franconia has been announced for october, this time in coburg, at the parish center st. Augustin. Maximilian neeb and benedikt mey want to go there.

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