Rail competitors continue to gain market share

rail competitors continue to gain market share

Every fourth kilometer was covered by the competition last year, according to figures from the federally owned group.

Competitors have also been able to make gains in freight traffic, and only in long-distance traffic does deutsche bahn remain virtually unchallenged with its ICE and intercity trains.

The group, which owns the german rail network, is using the figures as an argument against eu plans to separate rail networks and operations in europe. He has no understanding for this, said rudiger grube, head of the german railroads.

"Instead, the successful german model should serve as a model for other countries to finally allow more competition on the railways."

644 million kilometers were covered by local trains in germany last year, 25 percent of which were covered by rail competitors such as veolia and netinera. "The proportion will continue to increase over the next few years," said the railroad’s competition officer frank miram in berlin on tuesday.

In 2012, the market leader had been able to win a good half of the approximately 70 million train kilometers put out to tender. This year, roughly the same amount will be tendered.

There is also growing competition from long-distance buses, since the railroad monopoly on important routes fell this year. "We expect to see a surge in the long-distance bus market until that consolidates," miram said.

But it is questionable whether the long-distance bus will achieve market shares of five or six percent, as it has in great britain and sweden. According to the railroads’ competition report, competitors now have a 28.6 percent share of the market for rail freight services.

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