Realschule bad bruckenau supports the “christmas truckers

Shortly after the start of the new school year, it was clear that the SMV of the realschule wanted to help a social organization with donations again this year. After a totally rainy fundraising run in the summer for the benefit of "world bicycle relief the many kilometers walked or cycled to raise money for bicycles in africa should now be used to build a "weather-independent" bicycle project project will be supported. It quickly became clear that the "christmas trucker" campaign was the right thing to do it was appropriate for the school to hold a fundraising campaign.

Every year before christmas, the johanniter collect parcels which are then transported by volunteers to sudosteurope (albania, north and central romania and bosnia-herzegovina) for christmas. There, the families in need in kindergartens, schools, institutions for the handicapped or old people's homes will receive the donation boxes.

Since these packages are put together according to a predefined packing list, it was planned that each of the 18 secondary school classes would pack one of these boxes, so that each school could make a small contribution.

Willingness to help exceeded expectations

The packing lists were quickly distributed to the class teachers by the two liaison teachers andreas wenig and ines pollithy, and each student was able to choose an item to donate. But the enthusiasm and willingness to help exceeded expectations. Some classes put together two packages at once, and the teaching staff, individual colleagues and the school administration also went above and beyond and provided full boxes. So, through the collection point at "lidl 26 donation boxes are handed over to the johanniter christmas truckers, bringing a little joy to 26 families in need.

The packing list contains not only chocolate and cookies, but also everyday products such as flour, rice, toothpaste and shower gel. "When even the most basic things are missing, you realize how necessary these donations are for the families", mona gibian, school spokeswoman, also recognizes the problem. This means that the bad bruckenau state secondary school has once again supported a social organization this year and will continue to do so in the years to come.

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