Sea-watch takes human rights court to court

Sea-watch takes human rights court to court

"We have in the name of the crew and a saved (…) started an urgent procedure," explained spokesman ruben neugebauer on monday evening. The "sea-watch 3" rescued 47 migrants off libya about ten days ago and is now waiting off the coast of sicily. Italy refuses the ship to dock.

"We can no longer accept that the european states jointly break the law of the sea and we can no longer accept that sea rescue is made dependent on eu negotiations," neugebauer told the german press agency. Closer details of the court case were to be announced on tuesday.

The italian government again declared that jurisdiction lay with holland, since the ship was sailing under the dutch flag. A "humanitarian corridor" was offered to bring the migrants to the netherlands, it said in a statement. The "sea-watch 3" did not head for tunisia as a "safe port" after taking in the migrants, but "ventured hundreds of miles" towards italy, putting the people on board in danger. "A final question remains: was sea-watch’s goal to rescue the migrants and quickly offer them protection in the first safe haven (tunisia) or to create an international case to attract the attention of the mass media?" It continued.

The european court of human rights (ECHR) was established in 1959 in strasbourg by the member states of the council of europe to ensure compliance with the european convention on human rights.

EU countries have been unable to agree on the distribution of boat refugees for years. Since italy started refusing entry to rescue ships, several boats have been blocked on the sea, sometimes for weeks at a time.


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