Second pastorate is filled

Second pastorate is filled

In the modern form of an itinerant preacher pastor jurgen harder has arrived in hochstadt and was joyfully buried at the first service in the evangelical christus church. Harder takes over the second pastorate of the christus church in a representative capacity as long as the position is still vacant. This is what emerges from a report of the church community. The concept of the "itinerant preacher harder himself had already had a half-job in hochstadt a good five years ago – at that time the half-job of pastor schafer – because he was heavily overburdened with the additional task of being the spokesman for the bavarian pastors’ association.

A common task

In the well-attended christuskirche, pastor harder was warmly buried by the church board (pastor schafer is currently on a cure) and the congregation. All of them emphasized that they were pleased and very satisfied that with him the second pastorate was again well filled and that the church leadership in bayreuth had recognized the need for support.

In his short speech, pastor harder emphasized that he was looking forward to the work in hochstadt and that he was counting on a good working relationship, just as he had five years ago. His sermon was about the flood and the preservation of creation. Again and again he emphasized this as our common task for our children and grandchildren. He spoke of the suitability of our way of life for grandchildren.

As a symbol of god’s assurance that he is close to us even in critical situations, he told of a rainbow that seemed to cover the ground and end in the infinity of heaven.


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