Significantly fewer corona infections in bamberg recently

Significantly fewer corona infections in bamberg recently

The covid-19 infection in the city and county of bamberg is flattening out considerably. The number of newly infected has risen in one week (from 7. Until the 14. May) only increased by ten people. In the past two weeks (1. Until 14. May) there were only 25 new traps, according to the health department at the district administration office. In contrast, the number of those recovered from the 7. Up to the 14. May increased by 33 to 417. From 1. Until the 14. May the number of recovered rose by 79.

The current case figures from 15. May: the number of people still infected is 130. 419 people have recovered. In total, 603 people have been proven to be infected with the corona virus since mid march. Again two people have died with the virus. This brings the death toll to 52 plus two who did not die of covid-19 (but were infected).

This means that bamberg is currently far from the so-called "emergency brake": where more than 50 new infections per 100,000 inhabitants are recorded within a week, the disaster control authorities must react. For the city and county of bamberg, this was applied to a total of 113 new covid 19 traps. The numbers of the past weeks are far from it. However, at the end of march and beginning of april, bamberg had exceeded the critical limit several times.

The coming weeks will show whether the daily new infections will remain in the single digits, even after the most recent relaxations. However, a return to all restrictions would not be expected soon, even with a renewed increase – at least not if the sources of infection can be identified. Currently, about 1,500 people per week are tested by the department of health, general practitioners and the health insurance association, and by clinics.

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