So that the situation does not tip over

So that the situation does not tip over

Saturday morning at the truck parking lot of the knauf company. There is a lot of activity. But on this day it is not trucks that are parked and maneuvered. Many motorcyclists are rather seen there. Under the motto" fit for spring – for a safe start to the 2012 season" a free driving safety training for two-wheelers will take place at the parking lot.
Invited by the deutsche verkehrswacht, the driving instructors association, dekra and the kitzingen police inspectorate. With the support of driving instructors from kitzingen, they offer skills training such as correct cornering, full braking from a speed of 50 kilometers per hour, circling, slalom, turning, swerving without braking and swerving with prior braking.

18 motorcyclists died

At the beginning of the safety training norbert muller from the kitzingen police thanked all the motorcyclists who came to iphofen to take part in this very important training session.A look at the accident statistics shows how important it is to react correctly. The number of motorcycle accidents rose by 16.9 percent to 644 in 2011. Of the 81 road users who lost their lives in lower franconia last year, 18 were motorcyclists. The number of injured motorcyclists also increased – by 22 percent from 482 to 588.
Among the first motorcyclists to roll onto the parking lot that saturday were doris and rainer weibkopf from hassfurt. The family bought a machine only six and four years ago, respectively. Both are passionate BMW drivers. "I only got my driver's license four years ago", says doris weibkopf. She especially loves riding in a group. "Last year I already dared to go on rough rides. We were traveling in the alps and on alpine passes." She has not yet completed a safety training course. "But i know from experience how important such training is after the long winter break." Fortunately, both have not yet had any serious accidents. To keep it that way and to get an even better feeling for the machines, they wanted to complete all the stations offered that day.
Thomas then from sommerach has more experience with motorcycling. "I have been riding a motorcycle for 23 years now. I'm currently riding a suzuki DR 650", he tells visibly proud. "For me, riding a motorcycle means a trace of freedom", he says, you spurt the technique and you are much more challenged while driving than in a car. "It's important to be in control of your machine, that's why I'm here today – to get fit again for this year's season." The spring training is enormously important for him, thomas then emphasizes. "Over the winter, you forget one or two things that should simply be in there." There is one sentence that an old motorcyclist once said to him that he has not forgotten: you learn how to ride a motorcycle anew every spring. "I behave like a beginner on the first few rides and slowly build up to the season again. You forget so much so quickly during the winter break. How to approach a curve correctly, weight shifting, braking behavior and gaze guidance." Every season, then rides his motorcycle about 10,000 kilometers – and has so far also been spared serious accidents.

Newcomers are at risk

Harald hufnagel of the kitzingen police force looks back on the past year in his report. 18 motorcyclists died on roads in lower franconia. "What worries us most is the age group between 45 and 53", he says. Nine of those who died in accidents last year belonged to this age group. "These are the so-called returning players." You rode a motorcycle when you were young. Then they took a break – they started a family, built a house, let the children grow up. Only after many years do they get back on a motorcycle and are particularly at risk. For them it is especially important to participate in training programs.
But not only at the beginning of the season, also during the rest of the year the police have a special eye on the motorcyclists. Motorcycle inspection weeks are back in may. "Here motorcyclists are controlled more intensively. Attention will be paid to the tires, the equipment and the general condition of the machines", explains hufnagel.
After the event norbert muller can announce the proud number of 208 participants. Last year it was "only around 110, almost twice as many came to these safety training sessions this time. "This shows that we are on the right track and that motorcyclists are aware of the dangers when riding."

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