So that there is more going on in schlegelshaid again

So that there is more going on in schlegelshaid again

Schlegelshaid – the smallest district of the market town of steinwiesen has just 87 inhabitants. There is no pub and no meeting place for the burgers – that should change now. A community center is being built in the middle of the village, which is to become the focal point of the village community.
The floor slab is already finished and after installation of the windows, the house will be erected in a prefabricated way. Costs: around 200,000 euros. For this, the market steinwiesen receives 150,000 euros in state funding, 50,000 euros are financed by the market steinwiesen.
According to mayor gerhard wunder, the house was bought by a community of heirs and should actually be preserved. But the renovation would have been much too expensive, so that the old house now gives way to a new building. For the demolition, which represented an own mabnahme, one received 90 percent claim. So much for the prehistory.
Now it is so that the municipality has demanded the pure house with inserted cake line, but the mechanism as well as the maintenance must be raised by the village community. For this purpose, a meeting was called in the youth center neuengrun and the association "village community schlegelshaid" was founded launched from the ground up.

Central meeting point

Of the burghers present, all were ready to join the association, so that there were spontaneously 24 signatures on the adopted statutes. With a population of 87 (including children), this is a respectable number and shows how much interest there is in schlegelshaid to create a central meeting place for the village community.
Now it is up to the schlegelshaid burgers themselves to furnish the house and fill it with life. The next year will be the construction of the auburns, which will also have to be done. But there are already many ideas in the room, how this can be shouldered financially. From street parties to renting for private parties, a meeting place for the youth or as a contact point for hikers, everything is possible.
"We will certainly hold the next meeting in the new community center", according to the mayor, who promised the support of the municipality, but said: "you have to set up the rules for your house yourself". You are then responsible." Since the association concludes a contract with the municipality of steinwiesen as the owner for the use of the building, the house rights are transferred to the association.
The association has given itself the following statutory purpose "to promote the village community, the preservation of the homeland and culture, and to encourage civic involvement". The purpose of the statutes is realized in particular through the joint operation and maintenance of the schlegelshaider gemeinschaftshaus".


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