Spd wants to strengthen municipalities

Spd wants to strengthen municipalities

What needs to be done locally for the communities? Where does the shoe pinch in the region?? What concrete measures and ideas does the SPD parliamentary group have for this?? These and other questions were discussed by bernhard daldrup, member of the committee for construction, housing, urban development and municipalities, and andreas schwarz in hausen.

Andreas schwarz, who is also the deputy municipal policy spokesman for the SPD parliamentary group, made it clear how important equal living conditions are in germany: "in germany, no one should feel left behind. It is important that we give all people the opportunity to develop to the best of their ability and to realize their life plans."

He went on to emphasize that "quality of life is decided on the spot. Only financially capable municipalities could provide a good social and cultural infrastructure with schools, daycare centers, swimming pools and libraries. That’s why the federal government is investing billions in cities and communities."

The SPD parliamentary group has ensured that the municipalities have been massively strengthened financially in recent years. Thus the federation had taken over the costs of the basic security in the age and for a discharge of the cities and municipalities in height of five billion euro per year ensured.

"Social housing must always take place", daldrup demanded – even in times when there was supposedly no need for new housing. "After 30 years, the bond often expires and the state has to make sure that new housing is already available for this sector."

In the coalition agreement, the SPD has ensured that the constitutional requirement to create equal living conditions everywhere in germany will be put into practice during this legislative period. The declared goal is to ensure good public services in all regions.


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