Sud korea buries date for trump’s summit with kim

Sud Korea buries date for trump's summit with kim

The announcement of a second summit between the U.S. And north korea in february raises new hopes for a breakthrough in nuclear disarmament.

"We hope this summit will be a turning point in efforts to achieve lasting peace on the korean peninsula," a spokesman for south korean president moon jae in said on saturday. Goals remained a nuclear-free peninsula and a new peace system. The white house had announced that the meeting between U.S. President donald trump and north korean leader kim jong un would take place in late february.

The summit site is to be announced later, sarah sanders, a spokeswoman for the weiben house, said after trump met with north korea’s negotiator kim yong chol. Vietnam is being discussed as a possible venue.

Nothing was initially disclosed about the content of the roughly hour-and-a-half-long meeting at trump’s official residence. U.S. Secretary of state mike pompeo invited the north korean delegation to lunch after the talks at the white house, the U.S. Department of defense confirmed.

Trump and kim jong un met for the first time in june 2018 at a historic summit in singapore. There, kim emphasized his readiness for "complete denuclearization". But there were no concrete commitments as to when north korea would dismantle its nuclear arsenal and what the U.S. Could do in return. Little progress has been made on the talks recently.

The isolated country repeatedly accused washington of trying to force it into unilateral disarmament after the first summit. Recently, pjongjang has therefore strengthened its demand for an easing of international sanctions. The stalinist country also led its own steps toward denuclearization, including a dismantling of its nuclear test site and a rocket propulsion test facility.

North korea also handed over the remains of U.S. Soldiers from the korean war (1950-53) this summer. For their part, the U.S. And sud korea suspended further joint military maneuvers. Trump, however, has so far made it clear that he intends to stick to the policy of maximum pressure on north korea for the time being.

The dismantling of north korea’s nuclear program and permanent peace on the korean peninsula go hand in hand in the eyes of the U.S. And south korea. "The government will work with the u.S. And other countries to ensure that substantial progress is made in denuclearization and the establishment of a peace system," the sud korean president’s spokesman said, looking ahead to the next summit between trump and kim. Sud korea would also continue to expand dialogue with north korea.

In addition to the talks in washington, sudkorean media reported that a meeting between north korean vice minister choe son hui and u.S. Special envoy to north korea, stephen biegun, could take place in the next few days on the sidelines of an international conference in sweden. According to the u.S. Ministry of agriculture, biegun was planning to travel to sweden on saturday to attend the conference. Choe had previously arrived in sweden.


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