Symphony rocks the marketplace

Symphony rocks the marketplace

They are a fine tradition, the brass band serenades on the eve of the opening of the beer week. After the kulmbach town band on thursday evening, the kasendorf symphonic wind orchestra rocked the market square on friday evening and many hundreds of visitors did not miss the free open air concert.

Shortly before half past eight, the marketplace is well filled. There hasn’t been a free seat left at the ice cream parlor for a long time, only the bratwurst stands remain closed. Many people bring their own camping chairs, the music club from kasendorf has also provided a whole range of seating.

"Let me entertain you heibt the robbie williams medley with which the symphonic wind orchestra under the direction of its conductor thomas eschenbacher starts the evening. Classics from swing and rock are once again on the program, and the concept is working. Among the visitors are tourists and passers-by who have come by chance, as well as music lovers who have come from further afield to cover and even had a snack with them.

"Preserve the old, experience the new, this is one of the leading sentences in brass music, and hardly any formation realizes it as consequently as the coarse brass orchestra of the music association kasendorf, which has been playing in the highest level for years. Music that swings, that you know and that automatically makes you sway to the beat is available. For example, stevie wonders "sir duke" or adeles "skyfall, wonderfully interpreted, serenely intoned and carefully balanced by the soprano marion schmid, who later also takes on a ballad by the british singer leona lewis. The wind orchestra shows impressively what sound culture means.

One of the highlights of "symphony rocks the market was certainly the rock-classic-medley with songs from michael jackson, cindy lauper, survivor and elton john among others. It is hard to believe how well all this works with the right arrangements for wind orchestra and under the careful rehearsal of conductor thomas eschenbacher.

Glen miller’s "pennsylvania 6-5000" is almost a classic, played in a lively and driving manner with the best big band quality. An original on the guitar is wolfgang diem. He not only has his rough use with the impressive and with high recognition value performed carlos-santana-medley.

Second vocal soloist is andreas kasper, with "another brick in the wall" among others by pink floyd. The heavy metal smash "nothing else matters" sounds unbelievably good this evening by metallica in flashing brass and perfect sound. Of course, there are also concessions, such as "knockin’ on heavens door" by bob dylan.

Even a preliminary program was on the agenda this time. It was the return visit of the friendly music band from the hungarian agendorf. The meeting was characterized by getting to know each other, cultural exchange and the deepening of friendly relations. The hungarians adapted wonderfully to the motto of the friends from kasendorf and played hits from abba to michael jackson, but also the brass band classics that are also well known in this country: the concert march "die sonne geht auf" ("the sun rises") by rudi fischer or the "bohemian dream by norbert galle as an addition.


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