Tale from “muckn rudi” from nordhalben

tale from 'muckn rudi' from nordhalben

For about three decades, from around 1950 to 1980, rudolf J. Wachter old and new incidents from his hometown of nordhalben in the media. Now rudolf ruf recalls the author of numerous articles in the local press and the author of the humorous "huela-geschichten" (huela stories) and "poetry, which he prepared in northern halben dialect in newspapers and also on the radio.

Some will probably also be in the inn "female lamb" where on friday, 2. November, at 19.30 o’clock the "muckn rudi", as he was known by his house name in the village, a well-deserved tribute will be paid to him. Although he moved to munich in the 1960s for professional reasons, he remained deeply attached to his hometown and the franconian forest throughout his life and still had an apartment in his parents’ house. He died in starnberg in 2016.

The "huela probably only the older people in nordhalben know this, it means a piece of the lobensteiner strabe, about from the titschendorfer strabe down to the lindenplatz. In the past there were one-story houses, three rooms, a small cattle barn and hardly any yard space, in which the blessing of children was usually the only wealth.

The "muckn lived at house number 21. Rudi, born in 1924, acquired his tools as a commercial employee for his later ambitions as a writer. All that was made of the "old northern half" he noted down for posterity all the things that had been handed down or that were still worth remembering in his time, including the curiosities that typically only occur in certain places, with certain people and at certain times. In addition to serious local reporting, the mostly humorous "huela-geschichtla" also emerged, furthermore he interpreted the history of his market town in a rough article series and wrote home poems.

Tales from cassettes

Since he was also quite active, he even managed to get the radio station to pay him from "nordhalm" to interest. And via audio-cassettes to the editorial offices (BR studio franken and local radio stations) the stories from the upper frankenwald reached the wide world and found their faithful fans even abroad with emigrated compatriots. Later the tapes were also available for sale and can still be found today at the major internet retailers.

This is how the "muckn rudi" became quasi the voice of north halben. In former times she was still regularly "live" at home, he was always a welcome guest at ceremonies or festivities. He also took part in the traditional pilgrimage to marienweiher more than 40 times. For health reasons, however, he has not been able to visit home in recent years.

His voice and his "gschichtla" become an evening of remembrance now sound once again. For this purpose there is the appropriate visual material on the canvas. About the same as the legendary "100-year-old the volunteer fire department of 1974.

Also the younger son thomas wachter is present, who recites some of his father’s poems. Rudolf ruf brings another piece of nordhalben’s contemporary history to mind and will also moderate the evening.


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