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Tata Play Fiber Allowing Users to Save Rs 3000 on 100 Mbps Plan

Tata Play Fiber, earlier known as Tata Sky Broadband, is currently offering users an option to save over Rs 3000 on the purchase of a 100 Mbps speed plan. Now that is considerable savings for anyone who wants this plan. However, the offer is not so simple. The big saving of Rs 3000 would come only when the customer would also agrees to spend big in the first place. If you are confused, let me simplify it for you. Tata Play Fiber would offer a Rs 3000 discount on the purchase of 100 Mbps plan to the users when they agree to buy the plan for the long term. Take a look at the offer in detail below.

Tata Play Fiber 100 Mbps Plan Offer for the Customers in India Right Now

First of all, note that the services of Tata Play Fiber are not available in every part of the country. In case you have the services of Tata Play Fiber in your city, knowing about this offer can result in significant savings for you. Tata Play Fiber offers its 100 Mbps plan for four different tariffs and four different validities.

The first offer is for one month of service, and it comes at the cost of Rs 950. The other three offers are 3, 6 and 12 months for Rs 2700, Rs 4500, and Rs 8400. Note that the prices here don’t include GST; thus, it will be added to the final bill. In case you go for the three months plan of Rs 2700, you would be saving Rs 150 compared to purchasing the monthly plan thrice and paying Rs 2950. In the same manner, going for the six and 12 months plan would result in savings of Rs 1200 and Rs 3000.

The 100 Mbps plan from Tata Play Fiber comes with unlimited data for the customers. The unlimited data has a high-speed data cap of 3.3TB per month, after which the speed would reduce to 3 Mbps. The plan would also bundle free calling serivce, but the landline instrument will have to be purchased by the customer separately. In case you are going for the monthly plan, you will have to pay a Rs 500 installation charge on the purchase of a new connection.

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