Tauber: are obliged to take in threatened afghans

Tauber: are obliged to take in threatened afghans

The cdu is clearly committed to "helping civilian employees who supported us in afghanistan and their families," cdu secretary general peter tauber told the german press agency in berlin. "If they are in danger because of the withdrawal of the german armed forces, they should be offered a place in germany. For us it is quite clear that we have an obligation here."

A year ago, an ex-member of the bundeswehr, who was considered a "latent danger," was murdered in kunduz. After months, the translator was promised admission to germany, which he then did not live to see. At the time, the human rights organization pro asyl demanded that threatened afghan local forces be allowed to leave the country quickly.

The nato mission isaf, which included fighting the radical islamic taliban, officially ends after 13 years on 31. December. At times there were more than 5000 german soldiers in action. The german armed forces are taking part in a training mission with up to 850 soldiers.

For tauber, the mission was successful overall: "hopefully no one will dispute that the country is better off today than it was under taliban rule."Today, eight million children go to school, 40 percent of them girls. At that time, there were not even one million schoolchildren, and among them no girls at all. "Back then there were 50 kilometers of asphalted road, today there are 2500. In such a huge country, that is still little, but it clearly shows a development."International terrorism no longer has the basis it had in 2001 to prepare attacks around the world.

Afghanistan is not yet pacified. And: "afghanistan is still a long way from a parliamentary democracy like the one we painstakingly built up in germany after 1945. After the nazi regime, however, many germans did not believe that we could do it."

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