Teacher threatened with punishment

On thursday, a 24-year-old man had to stand trial before the local court in kulmbach for intentional bodily harm. But that was not the only charge: because he had threatened to commit crimes, the young syrian was also accused of disturbing the public peace. At the end there was a fine of 1000 euros.

In june 2018, the defendant allegedly injured a fellow student at the vocational school in kulmbach with a headbutt and a punch to the cheek. On the same day, he is reported to have told the class teacher "I’ll be back tomorrow and the day after, I can do something rough, I’ll bring a knife" have threatened.

Through detailed questioning of the defendant and several witnesses, presiding judge sieglinde tettmann shed light on the facts of the case. As for the bodily injury, it was allegedly an altercation between the accused and an african fellow student. "The latter felt "burdened" by the accused’s loud music during ramadan, the class teacher testified on the witness stand. However, the 24-year-old did not let him talk, whereupon a scuffle broke out. "But that was nothing, why we had called the police", the padagogue explained.

The actual problem that the defendant was carrying around with him had probably been building up for a long time already. "The defendant has already attracted attention several times during his school career", said his former teacher. Three disciplinary proceedings had already been pending against him for unexcused absences, drug use and similar matters.

"He often reacted to warnings with such threats, one social pedagogue even quit out of fear of him", said the witness.

On the day in question, the disciplinary committee had met. He was told around noon that he would be expelled from the school with immediate effect, the principal said. Since he was no longer of compulsory school age, this was possible "we banned him from the house and after the threat we alerted the police", the witness explained. After all, he had a duty of care to fulfill as a school principal.

The judge and the prosecutor showed understanding for the fact that the defendant was emotionally very agitated and aggressive due to the situation and the resulting lack of perspective. "It was not my client’s intention to frighten other people", attorney ralph pittroff. He also emphasized that the defendant had been to the bayreuth district hospital several times for detoxification and that he had found a job in the meantime.

At the request of the public prosecutor’s office, the charges relating to the premeditated bodily injury were dropped, as it was not possible to make a clear apportionment of blame here.

In point two of the indictment, however, judge tettmann did not understand a thing. "It doesn’t matter if you’re serious or not when you’re doing this," the witness said, she said. It is only crucial that others understand this as a threat and are afraid. Thus the facts are fulfilled. "And it is when a person is desperate that the worst things have happened."

Supervision ordered

The school administration was right to take the situation seriously, and the health department reacted accordingly when the defendant was admitted to the district hospital after his arrest for endangering himself and others. The judge found in favor of the defendant that he made a partial confession and apologized, that he had no criminal record and that he was in a difficult psychological situation. That is why supervision was also ordered last year.

"If they continue like this and also go to the doctor, they are on a good path. Please continue to accept help", tettmann gave the defendant on the way away. He was sentenced to a fine of 50 days at 20 euros each for disturbing the peace by threatening to commit a crime.

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