The hospice association introduces itself

The hospice association lichtenfels informs about the possibilities in borderline situations of the life. "Talking to the people is the idea of the series "hospice talk" in the county. Often surprised by serious illness or having reached their own breaking point in the long-term and/or intensive care of a loved one, people sometimes need extra help and support. "My father has suffered a serious stroke. Now I have to decide whether he should get a stomach tube", "we don’t know if we will be able to fulfill the wish of the mother-in-law to be allowed to die at home", "my mother is overwhelmed with the care of my father, i live 400 kilometers away …", "how can I take precautions for myself in case of an eventuality??"These and many similar questions are asked again and again. To discuss this, volunteers and staff of the lichtenfels hospice association are on site. The "hospice language will be held on monday, 16. September, at 7 pm in the burgkunstadt hotel "three crowns" in the lichtenfelser strabe 23 held

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