The hotel in the can

The hotel in the can

The annual theme of the kulmbach district group of the nature conservation association is: "buzz, buzz, buzz, our bees are having a hard time of it." This is an attempt to preserve biodiversity and do something for butterflies, bumblebees, bees and co. Do.
The district group had invited the children to the "schlonz" environmental school invited to join wilhelmine denk from himmelkron and monika grab from marktschorgast in building simple insect hotels out of tin cans, researching insects and also planting a wild bee bed.
First, the eight kids from the district of kulmbach were allowed to introduce themselves in a roundtable discussion. Monika grab: "we first clarified what knowledge the children already have and how, for example, the butterflies develop. It was considered important that butterflies, bumblebees and bees also have a home. If you want to have butterflies in your garden, you also have to make sure that caterpillar food is necessary, for example nettles are ideal here."

Flower seeds sat

To ensure that the insects also find enough food at the environmental school, the children created a wild bee bed and sowed flower seeds.
Then it was time to build insect hotels out of bamboo sticks, which were attached to a tin can with the help of plaster.


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