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The New Rockset Query Editor Experience

Developing SQL queries is an essential part of the Rockset product experience. We’re excited to announce the release of a new query editor in the Rockset Console with improved performance and an updated design.


Upgraded Performance

The main motivation for the new query editor experience was to resolve the performance issues of our old query editor. While it was generally usable, typing in the old query editor would lag when working on large queries and become sluggish after long periods of time. To resolve some of the problems, we replaced the parser used in the query editor and removed some unnecessary rerenders. Ultimately though, the performance most dramatically improved by changing the libraries that back the query editor. The Rockset query editor is built on CodeMirror, an open source code editor library for the web. (Shoutout to the maintainers for creating such a great library!) In June 2022, the new CodeMirror 6 version was released. CodeMirror 6 is a from-scratch implementation of CodeMirror based on the learnings of the previous versions with major extensibility and performance enhancements. Upgrading to CodeMirror 6 required a complete rewrite of the Rockset query editor, so we took the opportunity to make some additional design and usability improvements.

Usability Improvements

These are some of the features of the new query editor!

For a walkthrough of the changes, please check out this video:

Embedded content: https://youtu.be/cHUvAG-5lMY

We hope you enjoy the new query editor! Please let us know if you have any comments or questions in the Rockset Community.

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