The new trend sport

In fact, it is also a question of completing a certain distance. But not for nothing a new word was introduced for this actual sport. It is mainly about artful, smooth movements when overcoming obstacles. Originally, natural obstacles were meant here, as well as the art of moving through a natural landscape, which is called methode naturelle. David belle, the founder of parkouring, learned this playful and easy way of moving from his father and transferred the model to the urban environment of the parisian suburb of lisses, which was dominated by steel and concrete buildings, at the end of the 1980s.

Children’s playground grobstadt

The chases of the children went over paper baskets, ping pong tables and small streams and when the children became teenagers, more difficult obstacles such as walls, fences or even building stumps were increasingly included. Later also building facades and skyscrapers: le parkour was born. Today, there are various initiatives around the world that are based on this movement and are organized in different ways. Competitions are held, but the founder david belle distanced himself from the parkour worldwide association already in 2006, mainly because the idea of competition does not correspond to the original sport with its philosophical foundations. A little bit you can compare parkour with acrobatics. The acrobat, however, wants to impress his audience with a show, the traceur, as the athlete of parkour is called, should move smoothly and as fast as possible from a starting point A to a self-selected target B, while he has to overcome certain obstacles, which he must not change. However, he does not do it to impress others, which of course happens quickly when someone really elegantly flies over a two-meter-high board fence… Spectacular film and television reports have made the sport known, but ultimately contradict the philosophy that here a sport is practiced for its own sake and with the goal of doing something for oneself and one’s health.

It’s all in the technique

As with any other sport, there are training sessions that can be done in a club and a gym. The training starts with the arm phase, then comes the main part, which is composed, for example, of technical, strength and endurance training, and a rest phase at the end. The aim is to perfect and automate certain movements. For this, some traceurs develop their own technique, but some basic rules do exist. Hard physical training should not exclude the fun of the movement. It’s not about doing the riskiest maneuvers possible, but on the contrary: the requirements should be increased slowly enough to minimize the risk of injury. The tracer should decide for himself what he is (already) able to do and for which obstacle he would like to optimize the movement, because it can easily lead to life-threatening injuries. An important sentence is therefore: "parkour is only as dangerous as you make it for yourself"."The well-being of the body, as well as mental and physical fitness, is given great attention. In some places, sport has already more or less moved away from this philosophy. It is also about media attention, the admiration of others or the staging of competitions: faster, further, higher. However, there is a strong movement that places great value on the philosophy behind the sport. And for this it does not need any competition. To animate urban space in anonymous cities, to move in it respectfully, artistically and with spirit and to show the same respect to one’s fellow men, that is the real concern of the traceure.

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