The only thing missing from the town hall gable is a coat of paint

the only thing missing from the town hall gable is a coat of paint

Mayor ingrid reifenscheid-eckert (wgwillanzheim) reported at the castle meeting how a repair of the leaking half-timbered gable, which had been budgeted at around 5,000 euros, quickly resulted in a new construction of the cornice. The mayor announced that only the final coat of paint is missing at the moment. Once this work is completed, the debris can be removed.
The three-member municipality will again invest heavily in the coming year. The SV huttenheim has to renew the roof of the clubhouse and will receive a grant of 15,000 euros for it. The renovation of the mortuary at 10,000 euros and the construction of a parking lot at 50,000 euros are the rough anticipated expenditures.
The market community is currently waiting for a new decision from the neighboring community of seinsheim in order to complete the jointly envisaged dream tour around the tannenberg and the bullenheimer berg to be able to realize the project. The proposal did not find a majority in the market town of seinsheim at the first attempt.
The municipality also has to invest in the tannenberg, because the tannenberg cross, which is visible from afar, is rotten as well as showing signs of weathering and has to be replaced. A cost estimate of over 2000 euros has already been submitted.
Meanwhile, the municipality also has to take care of the network of paths and ditches on the tannenberg, because the water drainages along the paths are repeatedly clogged with washed-out soil.

Minimizing electricity consumption
In the past year, the market community has invested in its clear systems in all three villages and set up photovoltaic systems mainly for self-supply. Since the air conditioning systems run day and night, the electricity consumption has a huge impact on the annual bill. The three photovoltaic systems (willanzheim 50.5 kwp, markt herrnsheim 17.6 kwp and huttenheim 50.5 kwp) should now significantly minimize electricity consumption; energy not consumed will be fed into the grid.
The citizens of huttenheim were astonished to learn that a new building project was planned in the neighboring market town of herrnsheim, and in the area of the orchard path. In the other two districts of willanzheim and huttenheim, building sites are still available, complained burghers.
Mayor reifenscheid-eckert made it clear that the approximately 5,000-square-meter site in question had already been designated in the land-use plan as land intended for construction, so there was no change in this respect. However, according to the head of the town hall, nothing can be done with a square meter price of 50 euros. In addition, the market municipality will be subject to numerous conditions in the approval process in order to protect the orchard. In order not to senselessly develop building land, the interest of those willing to build is to be clarified first, and they are to be bound to the project with preliminary contracts and down payments.
If there is no concrete demand, there will be no development. "We have received a number of inquiries from young herrnsheimers", assured reifenscheid-eckert. The municipality decided to take this step because there are still building sites in markt herrnsheim, but they are all in private hands.

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