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The Storyteller Studios

Located in Springfield, Illinois, The Storyteller Studios is a premiere video production service. The company specializes in story-driven video marketing. They can capture key stakeholders in your business and craft a unique story for your business that will evoke emotion in your audience.

Alison O’Brien

Located in Springfield, Illinois The Storyteller Studios provides professional video services to organizations throughout the country. The Storyteller Studios’ expertise includes video production for social media, websites, and special events. It also offers a new, innovative mentoring program that pairs promising students with industry professionals.

The Storyteller Studios’ mentoring program features a Lead Mentor who works closely with artists selected for the program over eight months. During the program, artists work with the Lead Mentor to identify a project. This could include reading a play, learning how to pitch a treatment, or working with a dramaturg to create a research packet. The artists also have the opportunity to work with a playwright on a new play in development. In addition to the mentoring program, the Storyteller Studio offers community support, as well as professional development for artists. This program is intended for young artists early in their career, with an emphasis on creating a successful platform for self-determination.

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Designed for recent college graduates, The Storyteller Studios is an eight-month long program dedicated to providing mentorship and community support to young artists who are early in their careers. The program is led by an experienced lead mentor, and each student is given a $500 stipend and unlimited access to the resources of the Detroit arts community. The program is also free to attend.

The name-brand competition for the title of best alumnus is likely to come from Drew University graduate and theater nerd, Liesl Eppes. Liesl has already tacked on some accolades, like the President’s Award for Theatre Arts and membership in the esteemed alpha psi Omega fraternity. She focuses on the storytelling and audio-visual arts. During her time at Drew, she was also a co-creator of the web series Hive.

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Founded in 2011 by Scott Whitehair, The Storyteller Studios offers a no cost, no hassle opportunity to young artists to create a piece of work and learn a thing or two about the process. The Studio is staffed by a talented group of film and television professionals equipped with the latest in video technology. The aforementioned is a no-cost program that is structured to help early career artists develop their craft, while providing targeted mentorship and community support. The program is made up of a cohort of playwrights and dramaturgs, whose projects will vary depending on the student’s interests and skill set. The Studio has produced nearly 400 new tellers on stage for eight years.

While the studio’s yearly rotation is designed to provide support for its emerging artists, the organization’s mission is to encourage self-determination. Several of its programs are designed to promote this ethos. One of its most notable initiatives is its mentoring program, which pairs promising students with industry professionals.

Emily Dzioba

Founded by arts administrator Emily Dzioba C’18, The Storyteller Studios offers a creative environment where budding playwrights can develop their talents. This unique program is free of charge to participants. It is an opportunity for young artists to gain professional development, community support, and targeted mentoring. The Studio has a team of talented professionals that can create any video production that an organization may need. This includes aerial drone photography, web videos, corporate videos, and more. The Studio also has an Emmy-awarded video producer on staff.

Storyteller Studio also runs a play reading series, as well as a mentoring program for young artists. This is particularly useful for students looking to make their mark in film or theatre. The Studio works with an experienced Lead Mentor to select a group of young artists to participate in an eight-month program that includes both professional development training and an outreach program. The selected artists work with the Lead Mentor to identify a project that they will explore over the course of the eight months.

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