Trannies in amsterdam: willem-alexander new king

Trannies in amsterdam: willem-alexander new king

Willem-alexander is the new king of the netherlands. It was exactly 10.07 o'clock and 43 seconds, when it became official: queen beatrix (75) sealed the handover of the oranje monarchy to her eldest son with her signature under the abdication deed after 33 years on the throne. It is the first time in 123 years that a man is head of state of the netherlands.

In front of the royal palace in amsterdam on tuesday, during the change of throne, the chant "bea thanked" rang out from thousands of throats! Bea, bea, bea thanks you!". Neither the outgoing monarch nor the new king could suppress a trance of honor at the ceremony in the mosa hall of the amsterdam royal palace.

The abdication document was signed by beatrix, dressed all in purple, and witnessed by her son and his wife maxima (41). The members of the government cabinet and the presidents of the two chambers of parliament were also present dutch parliament signed the document.

The three daughters of the new royal couple – among them nine-year-old amalia – were among the guests. With the abdication of her grandmother, she became crown princess and will one day succeed her father on the throne.

More than 25.000 people cheered beatrix, the new king and the other members of the royal family when they appeared on the balcony of the castle. "I am happy and grateful to introduce your new king – king willem-alexander", said beatrix.

The 46-year-old, for his part, thanked his mother for her achievements during 33 often eventful and eventful years on the throne. Then the national anthem "wilhelmus" was sung, church bells rang out everywhere.

Celebrations throughout the country
Wilhelm-alexander to be formally sworn in as head of state this afternoon. Meanwhile, in amsterdam, as everywhere else in the netherlands, the celebrations are boisterous. The capital of the netherlands will be the "orange capital of the world" for one day, had declared minister-president mark rutte the day before.

Beatrix is now princess again. Willem-alexander's wife is also called queen, but is not at the same time head of state. In a last televised speech as head of state, beatrix had thanked her people the previous evening for their trust and support. At the same time, she emphasized that willem-alexander was "in every respect well prepared for his task as the new king.

Hundreds of thousands of people from home and abroad came to amsterdam to witness the change of throne celebrations. For the safety are 12.500 police officers on duty. Among the guests at the festivities were numerous representatives of royal and princely families, including the british heir to the throne, prince charles, and his wife camilla.


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