Trump declares winner in republican primaries

Trump declares winner in republican primaries

U.S. President donald trump declared himself the winner in all six primaries for the presidential candidacy of his republicans on tuesday (local time).

Trump took to twitter to thank voters in the states of idaho, washington, north dakota, michigan, missouri and mississippi for their support. Unlike the democrats, trump’s republicans are holding only pro forma primaries. Trump has no serious challenger internally and is set as his party’s nominee for the november election.

The republicans have therefore cancelled the primaries in several states altogether. Trump has won virtually all of the delegate votes cast so far in the republican primaries for the august nominating convention. In those states where republican primaries have been held, trump has typically won those votes with more than 90 percent of the vote.

The democratic primary has now become a two-way race between moderate ex-vice president joe biden and left-wing senator bernie sanders. Biden won most of the six primaries on tuesday and is well ahead of sanders in the race for the democratic nomination. Democratic nominating convention in july will determine which candidate will challenge trump in november.


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