Two minutes to twelve: “doomsday clock” presented

Two minutes to twelve: 'doomsday clock' presented

A research group sees a growing danger for the end of mankind and has therefore set the "doomsday clock" 30 seconds to two minutes before midnight.

Reasons include the unpredictability of u.S. Policy under president donald trump, north korean missile tests and a lack of disarmament negotiations, the bulletin of atomic scientists reported. The scientists use it to print out the reduced chances of escaping a nuclear war or climate catastrophe.

"To call the world’s nuclear situation merely gloomy is to understate the danger and the immediacy," said rachel bronson, president of the group of scientists.

Last year, the researchers had already moved the "doomsday clock" forward by 30 seconds. Before that it had stood since 2015 on three minutes before midnight. In 1953, after the first hydrogen bomb tests, she last stood at two minutes to twelve.

The clock has been appearing since 1947 and is intended to symbolize how close mankind is to annihilation by nuclear weapons and environmental hazards. When it was introduced, it was set at seven minutes to twelve. After the fall of the berlin wall, the researchers had set their clock back considerably – to 17 minutes to midnight.


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