Vdk thanks its loyal members

Vdk thanks its loyal members

Honors were the focus of the annual kick-off meeting of the vdk local association schwurbitz. Susanne lutter, chairwoman and member of the district executive committee, said that it was once again evident that people feel very much at home in the vdk. It starts with the local associations.

Gerda schmidt was honored for 25 years of membership, and josef wich and susanne lutter were honored for ten years. Second chairman roland braun was pleased to honor chairwoman susanne luther. He expressed the hope that she would remain at the helm of the vdk local association in schwurbitz for a long time to come.

There had been some progress on vdk demands in the social sector, the chairwoman said in her review. Lutter noted that the pension points for mother were improved. Nevertheless, a lot still needs to be done here. People who have a regular job have to be able to make a living from it.

"Away with the barriers is a slogan of the vdk. This meant that public spaces and walkways had to be accessible to everyone. Some things have already been done, but the whole thing cannot be called perfect. It was not easy to get around in traffic, especially with wheelchairs, walkers or strollers. People often only become aware of barriers when they are affected themselves. Anyone who is affected should report it. .


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