Warnings for hidden electricity price increases

warnings for hidden electricity price increases

Among them are two discounters that aggressively advertise cheap prices on comparison portals and then increase them as unnoticed as possible.

If the providers who have been warned remain intransigent, they will be sued, the consumer advice center announced, referring to a ruling by the dusseldorf higher regional court. The court had already criticized such an opaque e-mail from an energy provider in 2016 and declared its price increase invalid.

The actual purpose of the letters to customers, namely to inform them about price increases, was so cleverly hidden that many people perceived the letters as advertising and did not read them. In this way, customers are prevented from exercising their special right of cancellation.

There was a lot of talk about energy market developments and service information. In fact, the letters were "trojans" that had it in them: the price increase was mentioned as much as possible in passing.

Another trick is to mention only the new prices, leaving customers in the dark about the size of the adjustment. A price increase must be clearly communicated in the information and the old and the new price must be contrasted, demanded the consumer users. Some suppliers are exemplary in this respect.

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