When gerhard preb got goose bumps

When gerhard preb got goose bumps

It was only a few minutes. But gerhard preb will not forget it for the rest of his life. "It was a great experience, says the mayor of rodental when he remembers that meeting in october 2007: he met pope benedict XVI in st. Peter's square in rome. Together with the CSU and landvolk parliamentary group, preb had the honor of attending an audience with the holy father at that time.
"He has a charisma when he comes towards you – it gives you goose bumps", gerhard preb later reported on the meeting with the pope.

A gift for eternity
Frank altrichter from neustadt was also a member of the coburg delegation at the time. He likes to think back on it: "that was a moment on st. Peter's square that you only experience once in your time in local politics and that is and will remain important for a person who thinks and acts in a christian-social way." He had, frank altrichter told the tageblatt, benedict xvi. Perceived as a pope "who was of inner coarseness and coarse persuasiveness in faith". It has given people courage and hope to take responsibility in our world on the basis of clear values "and not to run after every zeitgeist", as altrichter notes. What remains is "gratitude for having witnessed this historic pontificate for us christians in germany".

The group also had a special guest gift at the time: preb presented benedict xvi. One of st. Madonna made by gobain in rodental. In the conversation that preb was allowed to have with the pope, it was about the special material of the figure. The madonna was made of the rare material silicon carbide and is therefore black and yet sparkling when it is put into the right light. Silicon carbide is also heat-resistant and acid-proof, like st.-gobain managing director richard utzschneider explained. The madonna from rodental is for benedict "a gift for eternity" – it therefore also lasts beyond a certain period of time.


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